Brother. A word used when a person addressed their male sibling. That would make me... A sibling? The girl, her eyes bright and green with tears flowing freely, would be my sister, then? What was the appropriate reaction? Wait.... Who was I?

"Hello... Sister," I managed, stretching my neck forward and looking around. Around me was a large room full of metal things and tables. Steam lined the ceiling, clouding any other contraptions that could be up there. How I knew it was steam eluded me. I didn't remember learning anything about... well, anything. But, somehow I knew. But, I still didn't know my name. 

I looked back to the girl, her face now covered with auburn hair that had escaped the hat she wore. I was momentarily confused by the recognition of color and anatomy of the human face, but it passed. A name. That was important, somehow. "What is my name?"

She blinked several times, looking back at another girl I had only just noticed. The other girl had on a black dress but, with the dark room, I could not tell much more. They exchanged looks then the first girl - my sister - looked back at me. "Your name is Jacer," she said in a quiet voice that I somehow knew to be excited, "And I am Edwina. That is Aster. How do you feel?"

I thought on her question for a split second before answering. "I am confused at my state, but physically fine. For some reason I feel as if I should have memories to accompany my generic knowledge." Edwina got a confused look on her face and started shuffling through a small book. Since she was busy, I decided to try and stand. 

My legs, limbs designed to carry a body, seemed to be heavy. I did not know how this was unnatural or natural, but it seemed... odd. One foot at a time. My foot slid off the table and landed on the ground. An odd feeling I recognized as pain appeared briefly on the side of my foot. How odd. 

Edwina nearly jumped as I sat up. "Wait, wait! We still need to run tests!" 


She nodded, then called for Aster, who looked to be shocked. Again, I felt confused at my ability to recognize her emotional state. How did I even know what emotions were? As I pondered my own knowledge, Edwin and a reluctant Aster poked and inspected my torso and limbs. I was told a few times to move a certain way or to do a certain thing, but never was I allowed to stand. At first, I found this acceptable, but eventually I felt as if I needed to stand. 

Was this frustration?

Footsteps came from my left. I turned, surprising both the girls who had been examining me, just in time to see a filthy boy running into the room. Before I could even comprehend what it was I did, my body jumped from the table, making a cloth that had been covering me fall to the ground, and placed itself in between my sister and the newcomer. Was she in danger? Her safety seemed to be the most important thing I could think of at the moment. 

"Jacer! He is a friend!"

I looked back to my sister, making her blush slightly. "Friend.... I see."

Aster was blushing as well, I realized. "We might need to get him some clothing," she said.

Edwina nodded, then started to walk over to where Jacer stood. "What is it, Kent?"

The boy shook his head. Had he been in disbelief? "You have to get out of here!" he shouted, "They are coming! Fraf and Lend are holding them off, but eventually they will have to back off. You know how ruthless they can be!"

Aster ran to grab something as Edwina grumbled something under her breath. I caught it, though. "Just when I finished him, too." 

Kent had heard too. "I think they were waiting for you to finish, Eddy." With that, he ran out of the room. I decided that running would be a good test for my legs. My sister and her friend wanted me to test my body right? At least, that's what I had gathered. 

Before I could run, however, Edwina was pulling my arm. Odd. She seemed so small now. I allowed myself to be pulled along and studied her height. If my body looked like hers, then I was nearly a foot taller. Why were we different sizes?

"Aster, grab the essentials," she shouted, releasing my near a large wardrobe. After a moment of searching inside the wooden contraption, Edwina produced a large jacket. I knew this was something you put over yourself for warmth. I did not feel cold, but accepted the clothing anyway.

"We are leaving?" I asked. 

Aster nearly jumped at my words, but said nothing. "Yes," my sister answered in place of her friend - at least, I assumed Aster was a friend - and smiled warmly. 

"Hurry!" Aster shouted to Edwina, "I hear footsteps." I heard them as well.

The next few moments were more confusing than ever. I was pulled along by my sister and brought into the streets. They were dark from the tall buildings that surrounded us and I decided that I did not like them. We ran and ran. After a while, Edwina and Aster slowed and started breathing heavily. I found this odd, but somehow knew it was normal. The only thing I did not find normal was the looks I received. From the people we passed I saw curiosity and annoyance. From my sister I saw a longing look that made me think she wanted to talk. And from Aster I saw distrust and some fear. 

Emotions, I decided, were odd. 

I resigned myself to running, unaware of anything but that.

"Do you think they followed us?" Edwina asked Aster between breaths as they stopped running, glancing my way with a worrisome look. 

Aster shook her head, breathing heavily as well. "We should take a ship, though. Just in case..."

I noticed the streets were gone, then. Instead, we stood at the base of a tower that stretched up into the sky. Every few dozens of feet had a large machine that looked like it was attached to the tower. I knew of these. They were airships. 

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, then. "Not to alarm, sister," I said, "But I think there are more people running this way."

The End

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