Preparing for Battle


I looked around. There was a large, wolf-like beast on my right—Jake. On my left, a man with a bow in his hands and a quiver on his back—Scott. On my front-right, a girl with two short knives in her hands and a length of rope around her shoulders—Ashley. On my front-left, a girl in battle-armor with a broadsword on her back—Aaron.

They each have their team behind them. But no-one’s moving.

Finally, Aaron spoke. “H-hello?” She looked at her arms, then down at her body.

Then everyone started clamoring. If you were there, this is what you’d hear:

“What’s happening? Did any—how did this—nobody is—I’m my character—no, wait, I’m not—I’m a—what the—who are these people—get me out of here!”

That’s everyone all at once.

“Guys!” I said. Everyone kept shouting.

“Guys!” I said again, a little louder. No-one heard me.

“GUYS!” I shouted. Everyone turned to look at me. “We’ve got enemies on the horizon. Keep your head and command your team. We’ve got to beat the game to get out of here.”

Four heads turned to look, and saw a thirty-person team advancing on us, six of each class.  At the head of the team were the Warriors, swords out and ready. Behind them were the Sorcerers, working their spells to full power. Behind the Sorcerers were the Beasts, snarling and snapping at the air. Behind the Beasts were the Archers, stringing bows and nocking arrows. Behind them were the Spies, readying knives and invisibility cloaks.

If we didn’t get ourselves together soon, we were dead. Literally.

We all readied ourselves, pulling into a tight pack. All together, we had a seventy-five person team, versus a thirty-person team. However, we were real people. We had fear. But as the other team advanced, we saw… they were real people too. This wasn’t a game. Nothing was pixels. No cheat codes. It was real. And if we died, then we were dead. It’s as simple as that.

Jake, I, Aaron, Ashley, and Scott took the lead, joining our teams into an army. We advanced a couple of steps, then stopped to wait for the other army to come of us.

Scott nocked his arrow, Ashley sharpened her knives, Jake snapped his jaws, Aaron unsheathed her sword, and I wove a spell.

We were ready.

The End

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