Chapter One

Chapter One

I opened the game icon, logging myself onto my friends’ private server. I slipped my headset on, allowing verbal communication.

“Hey guys!” I said. “Ready to get your butt kicked?”

“No way,” Jake responded. “I am so winning today.”

The game loaded, and “CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER” appeared in bright red letters. Underneath are the names of the classes. I clicked on “Sorcerer.”

Next screen: “CHOOSE YOUR TEAM SIZE.” I put fourteen NPCs in my team, leaving fifteen in all.

“CHOOSE THE CLASSES OF YOUR TEAM.” I made two other Sorcerers, three Beasts, three Archers, three Warriors, and three Spies. Counting myself as a Sorcerer, I had three of each class.

“SELECT YOUR AVATAR.” I flicked through my custom characters, finally coming to the one I wanted. I selected him, and waited for everyone to make their team. 3/5 players ready… 4/5 players ready… 5/5 players ready.


My team spawned in their base. We were on a forest terrain, but that’s all I saw. I felt a tingling in my nerves.

“Hey guys, I feel a—“

“Me too, what the—“

“Guys, is this some—“

“All right,  cut it—“

“Who’s doing thi—“

Then we all screamed. We were dissolving.  Our bodies were turning into pixels. There was a crack, a thump, then the world around us disappeared. Just—fwoomp. Gone. We solidified, and so did the world. Except we all looked different, and we were all standing together.

We were on a forest terrain. My skin was greenish with purple-blue designs, like my character’s. I was wearing my character’s clothes. I stood at the head of my team, and I realized that I was my character.

The End

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