Five friends playing a video game become their characters through some crossed wires. They embark on an adventure that will change their lives and give them nachos.


Okay, let’s cut to the chase. My name is Xavier. That’s a good start. I’m fourteen years old. I play a cool game with a couple of my other friends. I’m a little tall for my age, have rough blonde hair, and cold grayish-blue eyes. I have no specific wardrobe, have almost no clue how tall I actually am, and am a very experienced fighter. I play the game with four other kids about my age, and we each specialize in a different class.

Wait, let me back up; give you some more information. In the game, we each have a team. The only real person on the team is the leader. The leader can choose what class they are, out of five different classes. They can then design their team using the five classes, and then fight with the others. The five classes are as follows: Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer, Spy, Beast.

Ashley specializes in Spy; Scott specializes in Archer; I specialize in Sorcerer; Aaron (a girl) specializes in Warrior; Jake specializes in Beast.

Ashley is extremely pretty and very nice. However, underneath the surface, she has a lot of secrets and is a fighter at heart. She was taken out of a public school and put into cyber-school after a bully picked on her. Not because the bully was beating her up, but because she actually won the fights. She’s got really long black hair and bright green eyes. She’s very tall and feminine-looking, but I’ve learned not to mess with her. Actually, the way we met is her flipping me over a fence.

Scott is a little shorter than I am, has dirty-blonde hair (mine is more bright gold), and a little bit more muscular. He’s (usually) pretty cool, and knows more about birds than John James Audubon. Well, yeah, ‘cause JJA has kind of… deceased. But that’s not the point. His parents look nothing like him, and he has it in his head that he was adopted.

Aaron’s eyes are violet and very pretty. Her hair is also black, and a little bit shorter than Ashley’s. She’s a warrior inside and out. She’s really closed up to most people, but inside, she’s a sympathetic person. She’s taller than I am, which a source of extreme amusement to her. I also have a—shall we say—soft spot for her.

Jake’s pretty much just a “meh” kind of guy. Jake is Jake and nothing more, nothing less. He’s about my height, maybe a bit shorter, and a pretty easy-going guy. A lot of the “cool dudes” call him a pretty boy, but he’s not. He does care about how he looks, but he’s perfectly fine with running a comb through his hair and straightening his shirt. He’s a really nice guy and very generous. But if you try to take advantage of him… it’s like a werewolf! They’re really nice, but under the right circumstances, they turn into a vicious beast.


So that’s the group. Now read on!

The End

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