Good thing I decided to bring my umbrella with me after all I thought to myself.  I was waiting at the corner of Spencer and Vine Street, where Jenna and I had agreed to meet.  We lived three blocks from one another and usually walked to rehearsals together.  She was late as usual and the clouds were quickly moving in.  The first few drops were almost undetectable but I could tell it was going to come down hard.

I decided to light a cigarette knowing that Jenna can't stand the smell of smoke, this should only cause her to arrive sooner - Murphy's Law I thought.  Sure enough, after a few drags from my cigarette I saw Jenna's round, smiling face.  Full of apologies she sounded out of breath.

"I'm so sorry.  Cameron called on my way out.  He wanted to be sure we'd be at rehearsal."

"No worries.  Let's hurry before we get caught in this storm."

"So, about Cameron?"  Jenna timidly started.

"What about him?"  I cut her short.

"Well, I'm curious what you thought about him the other night?"

I was onto Jenna right from the start.  I could tell by the tone of her voice.  She's been in constant motion since my last fling ended to set me up with someone she deemed suitable for me.

"To be honest I hadn't thought much about it."  This was a lie of course.  "I really don't think he's my type, and you know I don't like set-ups."

"This isn't a set up Amy!"  Jenna protested.

"Well anyway, I'm surprised you're even asking.  He's your friend and our sound guy.  I thought you'd disapprove of this.  Mixing business with pleasure."

"He's a nice guy with a lot to offer.  I want to see you happy already.  At least talk to him tonight at the Schoolhouse."

We hurdled into the theater's entrance just as the rain began to pound onto the pavement.  A loud clap of thunder startled us both and we chortled from the shock.  Jenna ran ahead to escape the threat and I slowly followed after her wondering to myself if there was something more to Cameron.  Something I wasn't seeing, or something that was right in front of me that I was too blind to admit.

The End

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