Unshakable Optimissim

I sit here, trapped in a sinking car with a smile on my face. Somehow I can see the headlights of the truck that pushed my vehicle off the pier in my rearview mirror, diffusing through the churning water that they shine across. The headlights retreat as my car goes deeper, the black water pouring into my contained little world, rising to consume me.

I shake my head with a laugh as I retrieve my pistol from the glove box and shield my ears as best as possible before shooting out the passenger side window. Scrambling towards the opening, pistol clenched in my fist, I take a deep breath before ducking out of the window and into the open water.

Did I really think I'd make it out of the city so easily? Never, that's why I can't stop giggling, struggling to hold my breath as I swim. Fantasies of sharks and giant octopus tentacles reaching up from the depths to devour me spin through my head and flutter in my chest spurring me towards the surface. I rise out of the water like a sea monster, slowly and hidden under the pier. Flashlight beams slice through the thick wooden support posts beneath the pier. They got down here quick, I think to myself, watching the dark figures move slowly in my direction.

As they draw dangerously close, I point my pistol at the nearest one, close one eye and stick my tongue out the side of my mouth. There was only one thing for me to do...

The End

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