Chapter 8


Come on sleepy head I need you to wake up for a few minutes so I can run some tests” the voice was demanding and continued to call to me over and over again.

Jace, I know you hear me. You need to wake up for me. It’s important. Come on Jace wakey wakey.”

I had no desire to wake up. I was so comfortable and happy I just wanted to remain exactly where I was. I was on the most comfortable bed I had ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. I wanted the voice to shut up and leave me alone but it just kept talking. Finally I pushed my eyes open with the intention of telling the speaker to shut up. I immediately closed them again and tried to verbalize my request. I was surprised by how rough and cracked my own voice sounded to my ears

Leave me alone, I want to sleep.” I heard the female chuckle before she said even more forcibly.

Jace! You need to wake up and drop you skin veneer. You are becoming almost as problematic as your heart’s desire. I can’t do the blood tests or even give you pain meds if the both of you insist on keeping your skin veneer on.”

I tried to wrap myself around her words skin veneer? That’s when her conversation with me from before came back. I was alive and blood bonded to my Jinn, Hestia. Our blood bonding somehow saved our lives. The more that came back the more alert my brain started to feel. I forced my eyes open again and blinked them several times as I allowed them to adjust to the light. I glanced into the face of a female Unseelie court Brownie. I knew she was a Brownie by her tiny little shape, standing no more than four feet top, her large perturbing fangs and her bright red long hair and her. I tilted my head slightly to the left and looked questionable at her. She smiled warmly and said

I am medic Dinlas; you can call me Dinlas, medic Dinlas or just medic for short. Do you prefer Jace or some other title? You and your heart’s desire are doing wonderful. You are almost completely healed and Hestia is doing remarkably well.”

I swallowed again as Dinlas passed me a glass of water. I was surprised when I had the strength to lift it to my own lips. I took two swallows before I realized I was not alone in the bed. Seeing my female next to me surprised me enough that I moaned and dropped the glass on my lap. I felt the cool water soak through the sheet and wet the bed beneath me.

I heard Dinlas chuckle again as she immediately pulled the wet sheet from my lap. I suddenly comprehend I was without any clothing and so was my heart’s desire. My eyes must have grown five sizes larger as I looked at my body that was covered in a dark of blue shaded skin veneer. I glanced towards my Jinn and saw she too was covered in identical skin veneer as mine.

For a few moments I found myself enthralled by her beauty of our skin veneer. We shimmered and glistening and shined like a thousand tiny little diamonds. I couldn’t stop myself from gasping in awe. Then my situation finally flowered inside of my foggy brain and I looked up at Dinlas and started firing off questions. One question after the other not even slowing down to wait for an answer.

How long have we been here? How did we get here? Why do you think I have skin veneer? Why am I in bed with Hestia? That is her name right? How bad are her injuries? Why are you here? Your Unseelie court why help a Jinn? It’s illegal for an Unseelie court member to bond or wed a Seelie court member!

My last words were a statement not a question but I was suddenly filled with fear. Had my kin healed my Jinn and me just so they judge us as criminals in an Unseelie court of law and publicly execute us? I had heard the queen was capturing and killing others that had gone against her decrees. Queen Hekuba was almost barbaric in her approach to reprimanding any who broke her laws. She was killing almost as many Unseelie as the war itself.

Each year of her reign she would create and decree new laws for the Unseelie court. Her most stringent is the law forbidding us to wed our heart’s desires unless the soul is held within another Unseelie court member. She is singlehandedly helping the Seelie court members to make our species extinct. It would not surprise me that she would heal both my heart’s desire and me so that she could publicly decree we had broken her law and have us beheaded in front of the entire royal court. I swallowed nervously and found myself reaching out to touch my Jinn gently. I heard Dinlas take a deep breath then say in a soft gentle voice

I no longer support the royal Unseelie court. In fact I no longer have any ties to the Unseelie court laws or rules. I chose to help the needy regardless of their race. I cannot abide by the foolish laws queen Hekuba has set for our people. The royal family is responsible for this entire mess. It was their desires and foolish goals that started the war. Then it was their bad judgment and magic spells that tore our souls apart. Now on the eve of our extinction they forbid us from even finding peace in death. I cannot and will not support that kind of stupidity.

You and your heart’s desire Hestia, and yes that is her name, are safe here. This entire camp is made up of evacuees from all races. We keep to ourselves and try to stay out of politics and the war. Our goal is for a peaceful quiet life. It’s been just a few days since you were awake last. Castor suggested that we put the two of you in the same bed. He thought since your DNA changed you might heal faster if you and Hestia had physical contact.

It is a well-known fact that Seelie court members heal three times faster when their heart’s desire is next to them. Turns out he was right, you and Hestia both healed much faster the moment we allowed you to be in physical contact with each other.”


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The End

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