Chapter 7


My eyes snapped open of their own accord. My mind was doing double time trying to understand my situation. Where was I? If I was dead why was I still in so much agonizing pain? Who was talking? I knew it wasn’t my Jinn despite the voice being soft and feminine. How did I get here and most importantly how did I make the piercing pain stop?

Easy honey, don’t move or your undo all the wonderful work I’ve done to save your life. You are going to be just fine in a few weeks. Your heart’s desire is hanging in there as well. I think it was a miracle that the both of you survived.”

I felt something warm go into my arm and the pain dulled along with my other senses. Then I heard the female move around the bed and sit beside me. Then she continued in a gentle tone

God must have saved the both of you for a reason. You should both be dead no doubt about it. You were stabbed straight through the heart and she was stabbed through all her major organs. Her body was damn near cleaved in two yet her dying body fell across yours and her blood and yours mixed. It’s almost too crazy to believe but your souls bonded and somehow found the strength to survive long enough for Castor to find you both.

It shouldn’t have been possible. In fact I can’t quite understand it but both of your DNA has changed. I know you can’t open your eyes and look but you are covered in a blue Jinn skin veneer just like hers. There are other major changes but we can discuss them when you are fully healed. I guess the main point is, I don’t have the answers but I think that you blood bond saved your life.”

I was trying to concentrate on her words when I heard a moan that tugged at my heart. Somehow I just knew it was my Jinn. She sounded like she was in terrible pain and I wanted to comfort her. The female also must have heard the moan since I felt the bed move in what I assume was her standing up. Then I heard movement to my right before her voice again filled the room.

Easy Hestia let down your skin veneer so I can give you some pain medication.”

I heard her grunt out a no. Hestia must be my Jinn’s name. It was a great name and held only for those of ancient Jinn blood. That meant my Jinn was one of the original Jinn families dating back to the original creation. If I could control my facial muscles I am sure I would have smiled since I oddly found myself pleased that the other half of my soul had been held in a worthy body.

While we in the Unseelie court ruled and commanded the Jinn before the war we held them in great honor. Unlike the Brownies, Pixies, and the Sidhe the Jinns were a superior honorable society. They contained almost as much power, magic and intelligence as the Unseelie court. If the Jinns had not agreed to join the other Seelie court members we Unseelie court would have easily won the war. I heard the female which I decided must be a medic make a huffing sound before she continued in a strong but patient voice

Now Hestia, I didn’t save your life to watch you suffer. You are still in very serious condition. I need to give you the pain meds so that you can sleep and heal.”

I found myself pushing through the fog and forcing my eyes to open. I wanted to see my Jinn and verify her condition myself. I pushed my eyelids up and was forced to immediately close them again due to the bright piercing light. I heard my heart’s desire Hestia groan in agony then say in a broken voice clearly filled with horrific pain

I don’t want to live without him. Dinlas please let me die. I killed my own heart’s desire. I don’t want to live anymore. Stop trying to save me and let me die with him.” The medic almost shouted back at my Jinn

Damn it Hestia, she is not dead! We have had this conversation five times already. Every time the drugs wear off you forget. He’s alive and healing. I swear your Unseelie heart’s desire is lying in the bed next to you. I just gave him pain meds. Now drop your skin veneer and let me give you something for the pain.”

I heard my heart’s desire refuse again and the medic started shouting profanities. Then I heard a strong male voice join hers in trying to convince my heart’s desire to drop her skin veneer. I wanted to help, I wanted to say or do something but each second that ticked by I found myself becoming even more complacent.  

The End

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