Chapter 6


My next thought was that I felt as light as a feather. I opened my eyes and realized I was floating above my body. The Jinn was lying across my stomach and was still weeping softly. I felt no pain and little to no sorrow. I figured I must be dead since there was very different than ghosting. Even when I would ghost I was somehow me. My body my shape my blue aura. Now however, I was nothing more than pale white light energy.

I heard something and turned away from my body. I watched as two Jinn entered the room. Both the male and the female were even bigger than my Jinn. I wondered if they were the Jinn Marques and Marchioness. I noticed the tattoo stripes on her arms and my suspicions were confirmed.

Jinns generally stayed in the casts they are born in. Each cast had one Marquis or one Marchioness. Or both if they have already found their heart’s desire. The second in command is a Baron or Baroness the lower levels are officers down to the lowest rank of soldier. My Jinn true love is a Baroness, the second in command of her cast. I knew that because her upper arms sported six rings. The highest level in any Jinn cast was seven.

The Marchioness took one look at my body lying on the bed and started shouting obscenities. If I had to guess she was angry that my true love brought me to their home. Her hands were flying all over and her words seemed to become angrier by the second. Then the Marchioness lifted her sword in the air and without any additional warning she ran it through my Jinn true love.

I watched my true love gasp in pain as she slowly fell to her knees. The Marquis started pale white when the Marchioness stopped then he kicked my Jinn in her side. My Jinn went from her knees down to her stomach. I could see blood pouring from her stomach wound and I knew it was most likely a death blow. I should have felt sadness or sorrow for her death and pain but my soul was too busy rejoicing at the idea of moving to the next life together.

I watched the Marchioness spit on the now unmoving body of my Jinn. Then she threw something at her and her and the Marquis left the room. I moved over to my Jinn and tried to figure out if she was still breathing and if her heart was still beating. In this strange form however I couldn't hear her heart of feel the air against me. I finally decided that since I couldn't see her soul that she was unconscious not dead yet.

With that thought in mind, I ignored the impulse to allow my energy to move on and decided instead to force myself to stay at her side. If there was any possibility that we could achieve in death what we could not in life I wasn't going to go anywhere. I wanted more than anything to unite my soul with hers and enter the afterlife together.

The End

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