Chapter 5

  1. Chapter 5 ● POINT OF VIEW • Priam

After I finished my shower I made my way out to the center of Crystalash to the main trading floor that had several boutiques including a clothing store. I planned on purchasing several outfits including casual and formal wear for both Kayna and me. I’d changed our image to that of Brownies on our way into town. While they were four times as large as us, they were still closer to our size then a Goblin. I figured if I got a few Brownie outfits, I could alter them and provide two times the traveling gear for either myself or Kayna.

When I finished I was pleased that I had several outfits for both of us including undergarments. Instead of heading straight back to our room I took the bags and headed over to the -pub for some food. Turns out that Kayna has a strange and very un-Pixie preference for meat. I grabbed a few pork chops, two burgers and some fries placed them in a bag and headed back to the room I rented her.

I stepped back into our room and checked on Kayna. She was sleeping soundly and purring softly in her sleep. I smiled and made my way over to the sliding glass doors that led to our outdoor deck. I stepped out onto the deck and looked out across Crystalash. It truly was a beautiful city. I watched as the sun rose over the mountainside and cast a beautiful soft orange light over the homes. It was a shame, once this town had been home to one of the largest Pixie nests. I sighed deeply and returned to our room. Chances are Kayna would sleep though most of the day and well into the evening.

I walked into the latrine and stripped down to my shirt and my boxers. Then I moved over to the couch and pulled the cushions off preparing to go to sleep on the couch bed. I was just about settled in when Kayna shocked me by sitting up and saying


Then she showed me a picture of the two of us lying in bed together. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to sleep next to her. I managed to croaked out

Are you sure Kayna? I don't want to scare you?”

I flashed the image back that she sent to me and waited. She answered with a single word that had me rushing to her side


I crawled into the bed next to her and pulled her into my chest. I fell asleep with Kayna tucked safely into my arms.

The next ten days flew by in an almost blissful perfect way. Kayna was amazing and had already begun speaking in full sentences. She was assimilating into Pixie culture far swifter than I would have thought possible. She continued to amaze and delight me with everything she did. She was starting to ask questions about the letters and words that we passed in our travels.

At night, when we made camp, not far off the banks of the Cleardon river. Kayna loved to fly a few laps around our camp site or took a leisurely swim in the river to cool off. We spent an enormous amount of time in flying despite keeping the old brown mare nearby. She loved physical activity and seemed to be at her happiest when she was straining her muscles or when we were in competition with each other.

She loved to challenge me to races around the camp and laps in the river. She always managed to win when we flew around the camp but I generally won when we swam laps in the river. Kayna claimed that she just couldn't remember ever swimming before the first time she jumped in with me. Flying however just seemed like the most natural thing in the world for her to do. I just sat down on a fallen log when I heard a very familiar male voice say

Well son, it's about time you woke up. Maybe you would like to explain to your mother and me why you didn’t use the hive mental link to tell us you were awake and on your way home?”

It was just a little after nine in the morning local time and we were less than five leagues from Goldhedge. I wasn't surprised that my mom and dad managed to feel my presence as I got closer to the hive. I was however a little surprised to learn both of them had been so close to Unseelie territory at their age. I looked up from the bench and saw the look of amusement and happiness on mom and dad’s face. They were both waiting patiently for me to embrace them.

Mom, Dad it’s so good to see you.” I said with a fake bravado in my tone.

I reached out and pulled my mother into an embrace. I heard a growl just seconds before I saw my mother knocked to the ground. Kayna tackled my mother to the ground and had her fingers with her nails extended firmly planted around my mother’s neck.

I was astonished and even somewhat proud of her speed and agility. I was also a little dismayed yet some part of me knew that Kayna had become very possessive over me in the past few days. I knew that it wasn't love yet, but I was very delighted since it was a step in the right direction. I wanted to make sure my mother and Kayna didn’t turn this altercation into something dreadful so I was careful to send out nothing but calm warm feelings as I said to Kayna

Kayna daring, please that's my mother. Let her go, don't hurt her. Honest love, she's my mom and this is my dad” I pointed to my dad and continued

It's okay Kayna let her go and come to me okay love?”

I flashed her a picture of the two of us embracing to emphasize my words. Kayna growled low in her throat and squeezed her fingers just enough to have my mother take in a deep breath. Then she released her and moved to my side.

Kayna, how about you go sit in the tent for a moment and I will be right in?” Then I looked over at my father

Take mom and our food supplies over by the river. I’m going to sit with Kayna in our tent and calm her down. Then we will change into appropriate clothes and come to join you shortly.”

I could tell both my father and mother wanted answers and weren't happy that mom was attacked. My dad was struggling to keep himself under control. I couldn't blame him if someone attacked Kayna I would have a hard time controlling myself as well. Dad looked at Kayna still looking feral and dangerous and raised his eyebrows at me. I waited for them to move but they were both still looking at me with the same confused look. I was irritated and shouted

Now please! Mom, Dad! I know you’re confused but you've managed to upset Kayna and I need you to go so that I can calm her.” I lowered my voice but continued

I'll explain later but Kayna is my heart’s desire. She was a prisoner of the Slaugh, they did something to her and she’s lost her memories including language and magic skills. I just need the two of you to leave for now and give me a little time to help her compose herself.”

My last statement seemed to jolt them out of their statuesque pose. Finally they moved towards the river. I turned towards Kayna and gazed into her beautiful eyes.

Love. Please let’s go to our tent and hold each other until you feel better.”

I sent her images of the two of us cuddling on the furs. I also pushed as much calm and content feelings as I could towards her. I could tell the exact moment she relaxed. I was ready. Then Kayna pulled herself out of my arms and rushed inside. Before I even got inside I heard her growl the word no. Sensing that she needed a few minutes to herself I sat on the ground outside of the tent and waited for her to welcome me in. She called to me after just a few minutes. I stepped into the tent and immediately noticed that her cheeks were a little wet. I moved immediately to her side. Before I could stop myself I reached out and touched her wet cheek with my thumb.

What's wrong love?” I asked her softly.

She looked at me and said the one word that meant more to me than any word I had ever heard before.


The End

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