Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ● POINT OF VIEW • hestia

I shook my head in disgust at myself again. I should have left the Slaugh on the ground battle. It does not matter that he is my heart’s desire, my true love. It was only important that he is my enemy and therefore forbidden to me. Finding my heart’s desire in the body of Slaugh momentarily threw me for a loop. I was so surprised I found myself acting without even thinking. One minute he was bleeding out on the battle field, the next he was in my clutches and I was flying him to my home.

I knew to bringing him here was just plain stupid. I understood the Marchioness would kill the Slaugh and me when she found out. It mattered not to her that he was my true love, my heart’s desire. My Marchioness would ensure that I and my heart’s desire were dead before night falls. There was a law in the Seelie Court that very clearly forbid us to mingle or wed any from the Unseelie court.

Not that we needed the law. Most other the Unseelie court members would rather tear out their own heart than to marry one of the Seelie. I have seen with my own eyes countless times during my years alive. My fellow Jinn sullied and cast aside their own values and morals to embrace their heart’s desire. Each time the Unseelie court however took advantage of the Jinn’s weakness and killed, not only their heart’s desire but all the Jinn with them.

My twin brother’s heart’s desire was a Slaugh just like mine. He did everything he could to please her. Still, the Slaugh tricked him into believing that she wanted to wed as much as he but it was a lie. Our Marchioness was suspicious and ordered them to live outside the compound. She even swore him to keep our location secret.

The wed alone without friends or family. Then that night while my brother choked to death on his own blood, she and her Unseelie court friends snuck into our homes and tried to kill all of us. Because of that our Marchioness reminds us regularly not to even fall for the tricks of the Unseelie. They will never love us and accept us even if we are their heart’s desire. Attempting to find true love with a member of the Seelie court is a fool’s mission.

After the incident with my brother Buster, our Marchioness beseeched the King of the Seelie court to outlaw marriages between Seelie and Unseelie. The King not only agreed he also decreed we should kill all Unseelie on sight. No exceptions. I know my heart’s desire is no different than my brother Busters. Unseelie hearts do not love or fall in love. So again I asked myself why I took him in my arms and brought him to my home.

I think that I just wanted to hold him in my arms one time before I said goodbye to my one and only chance for true love. Now, however, with each passing moment I knew I never wanted to say goodbye. Already in just a few hours after my soul ached for his. How can I say goodbye and let go of the other half of my soul. He was born to be with me and knew even though he was Unseelie he was the better half. My life would not mean anything once he was gone.

I realized now with perfect clarity why Buster fell under the spell of the Slaugh so easily. My soul for the first time since it was split in two was at peace. I felt completely alive. I want to do, say or suffer anything to keep that feeling inside of me forever. Without the Slaugh lying in my bed, I would never feel whole again. I would go back to the dark hole of despair I’ve live in every day before I found him. The pain and suffering was unbearable and I knew I would only be half alive.

I sat down and dropped my head in my lap soundlessly. I knew I needed to do something with my Slaugh and it had to be soon. In less than an hour the Marchioness makes her daily round. She would know that something wrong the moment she came down my path. The smell Slaugh would be recognized even by a Jinn child. I knew it was time to tell her so that he could be tortured and questioned. I just need a few more minutes and then I will go to her. I heard his breathing pick up speed and I knew the Slaugh, my heart’s desire, my one chance at true love was preparing to wake up.

I was not ready to hear his voice. I knew deep down inside hearing his voice would break down some of my barriers. My heart’s desire would put me under his spell. So, before he could utter a single syllable I ordered him not to speak. Then more for myself, then him I told him that I should have killed him. Then I tried to make him understand that we would both die if anybody knew he was here. Part of me was ready to pull him in my arms and bring him somewhere that it would be safe. Then I remembered Buster and I knew I was not mentally or physically capable of making good decisions when it came to my heart’s desire. I need to tell the Marchioness and let her decide what to do with him. Then, before I change my mind I hurried to leave the room.

I walked down the corridor to the Marchioness Iona double time. Iona was sitting behind a large oak desk with her feet propped up on the corner. The moment I stepped into the room, I saw her skin change to dark red and I knew she’d cast a spell that made her skin nearly impenetrable. Despite Iona red skin, she was looking comfortable and relaxed. I swallowed hard and tried to stabilize my nerves. Then, despite knowing that I sentenced myself and the Slaugh to death I said in a voice full of, respect and dignity fit for my ancestry as a Jinn

"Marchioness Iona, I violated one of the most sacred orders. I brought a Slaugh to our compound. He is my heart’s desire. My one true love. He was severely injured and dying on the battlefield, despite knowing better, I took him in my arms and brought him home. I have him in my bed with an Inhibitor securely in place. He’s wounded badly, and will probably die on his own in the hour or two next.

I understand that my punishment for my crime is death. I am more than willing to forfeit my life. However, I beg you my years of faithful service, that I have permission to stay with him until he moves from this existence to another. You can, of course, monitor us and I will under no circumstances will I remove the Inhibitor. Then, when heart’s desire dies, I ask that you take my life cleanly and quickly despite my weakness for Slaugh.

The End

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