chapter one: page three.

 I woke up the next day excited to see Eli. "Leah wake up!" My mom yelled down the hallway. I sit up and swing my legs over the side of the bed. I yawn as I stand up. I quickly get dressed. Today I was dressed in a black skirt, my graphic tee shirt, and Jean jacket. I pull on my sneakers. "Hey honey. Breakfast is on the table. Today's meal is cereal." I sit down next to Hannah. Who spills her milk two times.The milk is all over her pink dress. "Leah go change your sisters.clothes with her. Can you drop her off at daycare too?" My mom said as she slipped on her high heels. I nod. "Good. Thank you for this Hon. Now Hannah you be good for your sister. Understood?" My mom asked Hannah. "Yes mommy." Hannah answered. Mom hugged us both and almost ran out the door. I motion Hannah to come to her room with me. And she does. When we get in she immediately starts playing with her barbies. I start looking through her clothes. And found a green dress. Good enough. I pick up Hannah and show her the dress. "That dress is gross." I shake my head and give it to her. She throws it on the ground. Fine I pull a blue shirt and a pink skirt for her. "No." Oh my gosh. I gesture the dresser. She can find her own thing. She goes up to it and picks out a pink skirt and shirt. But that's not all she also picks out green leggings. She puts her clothes on and I give her her light up sneakers. We hop into my car. We are both late. 

 I drop her off at daycare and almost speed to school. "Leah your late." My English teacher says. I nod. "Here's your detention slip." I take it and walk to my seat. Everyone starts laughing. Except Eli. "Class settle down. Let's continue reading." Everyone takes out the book we are reading. To kill a mocking bird. After class Eli catches up to me in the hallway. "Why were you late?" He asked. I shrugged. "Isn't the point of the white board is to talk to me?" I nod. "Then use it." I take out the board. "I was late because I had to bring  My sister to daycare." "Ok"  I nod and start heading to my social studies class. He follows me. "You have social studies?" I write. He nods. We walk to social studies together. The school day goes by fast with Eli. I get a text from my mom at the end of the day saying "can you pick up Hannah?" "Yes" I text back. Eli is staring at me again. "What?" I write. "You have a phone?" I nod showing him my iPhone. "What do you do with it?" "Text." I write. "Ok then well here's my number. So we can text." I take the paper and shove it in my pocket. Ill text him later. "Bye." He says walking down the street. I walk to my car where Ned leans against the hood.

The End

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