chapter one: page 2

 I stared at him. "What why are you staring at me?" Eli asked. I shrug. "If your not going to talk, then we need new ways of communicating." I shrug again. "How about you write. I can get a white board from the art room for you." I nod. "Ok ill be back." There's no way he's going with out me.I follow him. I pull his arm back. "What?" I point to the art room. He looks very confused. I sigh and drag him into the classroom.I let go of his arm."Leah! One of my favorite student's. An unspoken soul is a artistic soul." Miss Lisa said in a sing song voice. I grin and point to Eli. "And who might you be?" Muss Lisa asked him.  "Hello I'm Eli. I'm new to this school and in fact ill be in this class later. I wanted to see if you had a white board. So Leah can write to me." Eli asked. Miss Lisa turned around and started rummaging in the cabinets. "Here Leah." She handed me the white board and marker.  I quickly jolt down a thank you note. She smiles. Me and Eli walk into the hallway."finally a way for you to talk to me" Eli says excitedly. I nod. We walk to the cafeteria. There were snickers as we walked to the lunch line. Eli's body tenses at the snickering. I sigh. "Yo Leah got yourself a boyfriend to put up with the silence eh?" Ned stood up from his seat and walked towards us. I roll my eyes. "Leave her alone dude." Eli said angrily. "What your gonna make me? Huh?" Ned teased. "Yes I am." Eli yelled. All the snickering stopped. Everyone waited for the fight. Ned came up and pushed Eli. I gasped. Eli pulled back his fist. But I grabbed his arm. He looked . At me. I shook my head. Ned laughed as we walked toward the door. Eli balled his fists. "What were you thinking?" I wrote to him. " You. I was thinking about you." Eli mumbled. My cheeks burned brightly. So did his. "Thank you. But don't do it again." He saw the board and laughed. My stomach started growling. "Your hungry?" I nod. "Ok come with me." I follow Eli out the school doors.I start walking towards my car."No. We are walking." I look at him. But follow him anyway. We ended up walking to his house." Ill make us sandwiches." Eli said as he opened the door. I nod. Woah his house was huge. Huge but not mansion huge. He saw me gawking at the house. He starts laughing. "You should see my room. It's Huge. But I got the whole basement so that helps." I nod and start munching on the sandwich he gave me. Eli finishes his before me,and starts to clean up. I finish and help him. We both reach for the butter knife. Our hands touch. Sparks go though my arms. He smiles at me. After the counters clean we walk back to school together. 

The End

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