chapter one.

Leah has never spoken a day in her life. She's never needed too. Suddenly new guy Eli makes it his mission to get her to speak.

 My alarm clock screams. Time for me to get up. I grunt as I roll off the bed. I tug on my jeans and my black shirt. I run a brush through my hair. "Leah!" My mom calls out to me. I walk into the kitchen and give her a small wave. "Another day left unspoken huh?" She sighs. I nod. She gives me a sad look. I know she blames herself for me being mute. My eyes wander to the kitchen tiles. "Well Le let's eat some breakfast. I made waffles!"  I look at her and she's beaming brightly. I smile and give  her the thumbs up. We both chow down on our waffles. "I better go wake up Hannah." She says as she stands up and walks down the hall. Hannah was my little sister. She was two. I scoop up the last of my waffles and bring the dishes to the sink. Five minutes and ill be late for school. Crap. I hurried around the house grabbing everything I needed for school. I slap on my high tops and speed out out of the door. I got into my little car. I saved money for the last three years for this car. I put the key in the ignition and back out of the drive way. Two minutes till I have to be in class. I pull up to the school. One minute to spare. I jump out of the car, lock my door and run into the building. I'm almost there when the bell rings. Dang it. I knock on my math teachers door. "Late again are we miss Monroe. One more tardy and a detention for you. Understand?" Mr. Thompson said in a bored voice. I hear snickering behind me. I nod and walk to my seat. "Loser." Someone whispers behind me. I ignore it and sit down. 

I'm not exactly popular. In fact I have no friends at all. I'm a total social outcast. I didn't really care that much. I had my books and my drawings. Endless characters and Endless friends. "Ok class we have a new student today. His name is Eli butler. Everyone welcome him to our wonderful school." Mr. Thompson announced. The class started to gossip. But I slouch in my chair. Eli walks into the room. He had jet black hair, brown golden eyes, he was tall and thin. But not too then normal thin I guess you could call it.  Eli eyes wander around the room and stop at me. I quickly look away."there's a seat by miss Monroe." Mr. Thompson pointed to the seat next to me. He comes and sits down. "Hi." Eli whispers to me as Mr. Thompson continues with his lesson. I look at him and wave.  Confusion spreads on his,face.I start to focussed on the teacher when a folded piece of paper lands on my desk. I look around the room. "Open it." Eli hissed. I open it. " why aren't you talking?" The note said. I sigh and write Down my excuse. Which I give everyone. "I don't talk." I pass back the note. The note lands on my desk again. "Why?" I sigh. "I just don't. I have no reason too." I write and pass it back. He nods and sticks the note in his pocket. He lost interest. Like everyone else. I slouch even father down.when class is over. I walk into the hallway ready for lunch. I feel a hand on my shoulder. Behind me stands Eli.  I stare at him. He was very cute. Not the kind of guy who would like a girl like me. So what does he want? 

The End

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