Le troisième chapitreMature

    "And now ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the man of the night, Michael Moore!" The announcer screamed his name. Michael entered the ramp from the backstage with his million dollar smile on his face. The guests clapped for his magnificent work and outstanding show as he walked on the stage with his head slowly nodding as to thank his audience. Each model were standing on the either side of the runway and Chanel's favorite supermodel, Audrina, was standing in the middle of the stage clapping when Michael came and stood beside her. He gave her a hug and they stood together with his hand around her tiny waist while the photographers and reporters clicked their cameras for pictures to chitchat about his successful show in magazines, newspapers, and even on televisions. The editors are left breathless and are unable to comment anything awful about the show. Many designers from famous brands like Gucci, Vogue and several company directors were impressed by the performance and the collection. Isabella and Macey were so proud of their friend and were happy to watch him floating on cloud nine.
    Many individuals gradually started leaving the Style House after personally congratulating Michael for his extraordinary show and that they are looking forward to see his new collections. Some were being interviewed by reporters about what they thought about the fashion show. Some replied that they were glad they were invited for the show and were left amazed by his work. Some said that it could have been better like picking different venue than the Style House. Others couldn't stop complimenting his work. Michael and Macey went backstage where all the models were either taking off their make-up or loudly talking about how much fun they had.
    "Je voudrais à vous remercier personallement pour un spectacle le plus étonnant. Je ne l'aurais pas fait sans vous, mes belles dames." Michael smiled and congratulated everyone for their hard work and superb performance. The models clapped for his work and complimented him saying, "You are an amazing designer, Michael!" or "We love working with you!" and Michael beamed. Macey specially went over the new model, Fleur, who was sitting beside Audrina to praise her fresh startling performance.
    "I told Michael that you will rock on the ramp," Macey smiled as Fleur blushed continuously, "And you did! You can be rest assured that you will be strutting on that ramp in my show soon." Fleur squealed and Macey smiled again and walked over to Michael again and talked a bit more with the models.
    Outside, in the large hall, where many reporters were still taking pictures of famous guests, Charlie was also being interviewed about what he thought about the show.
    "Michael Moore is a great fashion designer and he proved it with his excellent collections and the decorations of the venue. I'd be more than excited to see his new work." Charlie replied. Just then Isabella walked over to Charlie who smiled at her and slid his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Many photographers started clicking their cameras as she posed for the pictures. One reporter even asked them, "Mr. Ackland, are you two getting married soon?" and another asked, "When will we be hearing the good news, Mr. Charles?" Isabella widened her eyes and blushed and turned her face to his shoulder.
    "You never know," Charlie started, "but when we do, I'm sure you'll make it big. Until then, keep guessing." He smiled and Isabella laughed and whispered in his ear, "You are such a tease." Another reporter is about to ask another question when Isabella put up her hand and said, "Sorry guys. We have to leave." They are seen leaving the Style House towards his limousine. Macey and Michael come out of the backstage and walked towards the big, white hall when all the reporters huddled around them in a big circle. A reporter, with black rimmed glasses and shaggy hair, standing right in front of Michael asked him to say a few words about the fashion show.
    "I'm extremely happy and very thankful to many other A-list designers for their tremendous support and of course Mr. Ackland to take his time out of the busy schedule and come see his show. I am very grateful and forever in debt to them." Another reporter asked about his new collection and Michael smiled and said, "For the new collection, you just have to wait for it." The same shaggy haired reporter turned to Macey and asked, "Miss Cooper, you are an A-list designer yourself. What did you think of the show?" Macey placed her hand on his shoulder and looked at him and said, "Michael's collections speaks for itself and as you saw and felt, he left everyone in the room speechless. You can expect best of the best from him. He is rocking." Michael gave a big smile to her in thanks.
    "What about your collection, Miss Cooper? Do we expect to see you at the next fashion show?"
    "Of course, I'll be there! And just like Michael said, you just have to wait for the new work. It's going to be just as exciting."
    "No, it's going to be even more exciting!" Michael said right after Macey and she laughed. After fifteen minutes or so, Michael was standing on the footsteps of the Style House when Macey came out the door while putting on the coat. Michael shook hands with a couple he was talking to and when they left, he turned to face Macey.
    "Michael, I already said it but your show blew me off. It was fantastic and you know it." She said as he started chuckling.
    "I'm glad it went well with no troubles from guests and even the models. Now that it's done, I promised Isabella that if the show is successful, I'll take you both out for dinner. So I think we should get going." Macey smiled and said, "Michael, you are such a gentleman, you know that?" Michael chuckled again and ran his fingers through his hair, "Of course, I have to please my lady...I mean my ladies." Macey blushed as she felt her heart thumping louder.
    "And speaking of ladies," Michael looked back at the Style House, "where is Isabella anyway?"
    Macey looked back at the House with him and then rolled her eyes as she said, "She's probably with Charlie. You know how active her hormones can be." Michael laughed and nodded, "That's our Isabella." Macey took out her phone and messaged her to remind her they have dinner with Michael.
    Charlie had his blazer off and his shirt unbuttoned. He slid his hand under her dress and kissed her hardly when her cell phone vibrated loudly by her champagne glass. Charlie stopped his hand and looked at her. "Leave it. Nothing is more important." She replied and they continued kissing. He moved his lips down to her neck and Isabella moaned softly. Few minutes later, the cell phone vibrated again and continued vibrating which indicated that it was a phone call; probably from Macey. Isabella sighed and picked up her cell phone. She could imagine Macey's upset voice in her head as she straightened up and answered the call. Macey practically yelled in the phone.
     "I knew you won't check your messages when you are busy unless it's a call. So I wanted to remind that you made Michael promise for a dinner. Now stop getting horny and come!"
    "Ah! Don't yell! I'm coming, Cooper. Where are you?" Isabella sighed again as Charlie watched her while sipping on his champagne.
    "We are waiting for you near Michael's car." Isabella ended the call and kissed Charlie and told him she had to leave.
    "You should join too! It'll be so much fun having dinner together."
    "No, you should go enjoy. And congratulate Michael from me once again." They kissed again and she smiled.
    "I had a great time."
    "So did I, bella."
    "Call me when you are not busy. You just came back from Australia, so we should plan a date. We have to finish what we left unfinished." He nodded and kissed her again when her cell phone vibrated again.
    "Cooper! I'm coming." She finished the rest of her champagne and opened the door to get out. She waved off Charlie and walked over to Michael's car where both were laughing about something and waiting for her. Macey looked at her with an evil look.
    "It's about time, Isa." Isabella shrugged.
    "What can I do? I saw him after two weeks, I couldn't control myself." Michael laughed and Macey shook her head.
    "So where you taking us, Mike?"

    "You shall find out." Michael winked.
    "Mace, what about your car?" Isabella asked.
     Macey looked at her BMW and said, "I guess we have to take it home first."
    "Just take the cab tomorrow and then get your car." Michael suggested. Macey considered and then nodded. They all get in the car with Macey in the passenger seat and Isabella in the back. While they were talking, Michael told Macey that he was thinking of visiting New York for Christmas. Macey smiled and said that it was a great idea. Isabella coughed and Michael blushed a little. He took another turn and slowly parked the car in front of the restaurant called Le 6 New York. Macey let out a little gasp and Michael smiled. Le 6 New York was Macey's favorite restaurant and the Chef of the restaurant was a good friend of Michael because he always dined at that restaurant. The restaurant was covered with praise by the media, just as the restaurant was literally covered by its famous neighbor's light: the Eiffel Tower's glittering façade was only a few steps away. The place was truly worth a stop. Michael opened the door as both girls entered the restaurant and were greeted by a young girl, who looked in her twenties, behind the reception counter. The decorations were very artistic with a touch of modern space and colors in perfect harmony. The whole place reflected elegance and serenity. The leather chairs were comfortable the admirable view of the Eiffel Tower was unforgettable. The cuisine was in total harmony with the dining room, modern yet conventional. Michael went up to the receptionist who was smiling ear to ear because an A-list designer was at the restaurant about to talk to her.  
    "Bonjour, mademoiselle! I have a reservation for three and I'm Mi-"
    "Mr. Moore! Ms. Cooper! Ms. Moretti! Welcome to Le 6 New York!" She blushed as she said that, "Please allow me to take you to your table." She picked up three menus from the reception table and started walking. Isabella, who was seating on the waiting leather seats stood up and followed Macey, who was still smiling ear to ear. The receptionist led them through some empty tables and two occupied tables towards the table near the big window where the view of Eiffel Tower was magnificent. The table was the most famous table in the restaurant and around the tower area because the customer could enjoy the delicious meal and bask in the glory of the Eiffel Tower's view. Now it was Isabella's turn to gasp. The bright, shimmering lights that were coming off Eiffel Tower shone directly at the table they were sitting. Wide eyed Isabella pointed at Eiffel Tower, then at Michael who nodded.
    "Macey's favorite restaurant and the tower's view for Isabella." Michael grinned, "I know, I know. I'm so awesome. No need to thank me. It's the least I could do for my favorite girls." Isabella smiled and blew him a kiss. Macey, who was sitting next to him, gave him a quick side hug. Isabella slowly scanned through the menu while Michael and Macey continued their talk from the car about the people who showed up at the show. When the waitress, a brunette with fair skin, approached them to write their orders, Isabella gave her order first and order three glasses and a bottle of champagne. Macey ordered next followed by Michael. Two minutes later, the waitress bought three glasses and a bottle of champagne and Isabella told Michael to shake the bottle. Michael stood up and shook the bottle and popped it open and the three girls clapped. He poured equal amount in all three glasses and cheered for his successful show. Isabella quickly drank the first glass and poured in another. Macey just looked at her friend.
    "What? It's good, I can't help it." Isabella shrugged as she chugged down half of the glass. Then Michael turned to Macey and asked how her parents were doing.
     "They are probably having the time of their life in Thailand right now. I think they are still there." Both Michael and Isabella mouthed WOW and Macey nodded.
    "But how come Mrs. Cooper took early retirement? I mean she wasn't old and she was really a remarkable designer, very well-known in fashion world." Michael wondered.
    "Who knows?" Macey shrugged as she sipped on her champagne, "Perhaps she didn't wanted to work all her life. Plus she was more than happy that I'm in the same profession. She always wanted to travel around with dad so she's living her dream."
    "They are so romantic." Isabella commented and Michael nodded and asked, "So, your sister is..." Macey nodded.
    "Lily is handling the bakery business. She always loved to bake, so it was natural she'll follow dad's footsteps." Michael chuckled.

    "They gave birth to perfect daughters. One's following her mom, other following her dad. What else do parents need?" Macey smiled as she finished her glass. The waitress came and gently placed the appetizers they ordered.
    "Speaking of Lily, it's been so long since I met her! I want to meet her!" Isabella exclaimed as she started her platter of crisp vegetables. Macey nodded.
    "In fact, we all should pick a weekend when we are free and go visit her. It takes 3 hours to Brussels, I believe," Macey looked at Michael who nodded, "Yeah, so, we should. And you know how Lily is, you have to stay at least a day with her." They all laughed as Macey imitated her sister. They continued talking while eating the delightful food.

The End

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