Unrequited loveMature

Paris - City of art, fashion and love.
Isabella Moretti and Macey Cooper are two best friends living together in the heart of Paris. Isabella is top notch wedding planner and Macey works for Chanel. Isabella is dating handsome, rich business tycoon and Macey has the hots for Michael - a stylish American designer.
Everything is perfect until an irresistible, dreamy Italian bachelor enters. What does he want? Or, more like who does he want? A story about romance, dream weddings and of course fas

Le premier chapitre

Macey picked up her purse along with her long, black coat and closed her bedroom door. She walked to the front of the hallway and to her right she abruptly knocked on the door.
     "Isabella! Hurry up! We are going to be so late!" Macey said while shifting her coat from left arm to her right. Beside Isabella's room, to the right there was an open living room and Macey decided to go wait for her friend there. She checked herself in the light brown framed long mirror that was hanging on top of the off white, soft, leather sofa. Her long, dirty blonde hair looked stunning in a classic curl up do hairstyle.  She was wearing a nude color lipstick with her big eyelashes curled and rosy pink cheeks. Her eyebrows were perfectly shaped in an arch and she looked lovely with right amount of eye make-up. She also had a beautiful diamond bracelet in her right wrist. The best asset of her body were her striking, big brown eyes. They spoke a whole different language of their own. With her index finger, she tucked a loose curl behind her ear. She placed her coat on the handle of the sofa and sat beside it.
     "I'm almost done! Just hold on!" Isabella shouted behind the closed door. Isabella was a glamor queen. She wanted to look perfect whatever the occasion was. She picked up her cell phone off the bed and put it in her black, Chanel clutch purse and opened her door. She walked inside the living room where Macey was looking at her nails. Isabella walked towards her as she was strutting in her sexy silk light pink dress. It was sleeveless with sequined tank straps. The straps created a scoop neck around the back where they formed panels down the back of the dress. The dress had an empire waist that was embellished with sequins. The dress fell to the floor length. She wore an open toed, silver satin high-heeled sandal. It featured entwined crystal encrusted straps and fan effect satin detail on the back of the heel. They were one of Isabella's favorite shoes.
     "Mace! How do I look?"  She asked while she posed as a model. Her hair were a bit longer than shoulder length with medium hair texture. They were cut in long layers and colored in rich coffee brown with golden red and medium copper highlights which bought out the shine and showed off the layers in her hair. They were rolled on large Velcro rollers and then the curls were allowed to fall loosely around face and then finger combed into place.
     "That dress looks wonderful on you! Now shall we leave?" Macey picked up her purse.
     "Mace! Cette robe est fabuleuse sur toi!" She was wearing a red spaghetti strap dress with white shutter pleats and white beaded bodice. She wore an elegant pair of silver, three-inch high heel sandals which featured sparkling rhinestones front that flowed like a waterfall. It was a ravishing dress and she looked stunning. "I told you red looks good on you!"
     "Nothing compared to this model who is standing right in front of me."  Isabella started laughing, "Seriously, I told you, you should have been a model. I don't know what you are doing as a wedding planner."
     "What can I do? You know weddings are my weakness." Isabella said as walked out living room and stood beside the door.
     "Oh you are such a hopeless romantic." Macey remarked with a grin.
     "Excusez-moi! Look who's talking. You are the one who goes," Isabella closed her eyes and tried to imitate Macey, "Oh Romeo, Romeo! Tu es mon prince charmant!" Macey blushed and hits her friend on the arm.
     "I most definitely don't do that! Now can we leave, Michael's going to kill us if we are one minute late." Macey opened the door and turned to Isabella who was looking at herself in the mirror on the jacket closet.
     "Oh, you are such a show off, Isa. You'll never change." She laughed as she stepped out with Isabella right behind her.
     "I'm a daddy's girl, it's in my blood." Isabella said. She was a mixed breed. She inherited her enthralling looks from her parents. Her father was an Italian entrepreneur and her French mother was a school teacher. She loved it whenever she asked her father about how her father met her mother. She finds it very romantic how they fell in love at first sight. Her father's enchanting hazel green eyes and tall height were passed down to her and both father daughter looked very much alike. Her beautiful, flawless fair skin, captivating figure, and luscious lips were given from her mother. She was stunningly beautiful - even stunning was an understatement to describe her striking beauty. She was the kind who was seen on magazine covers. Being a perfectionist was in her dad's blood; not too extreme, yet be the center of attention. She knew she was attractive and she had no reason to show off. That's the way she was.
     Macey was equally beautiful - fair skin with brunette hair. Like Isabella, she was also a mixed breed. She was originally from United States and was the second child of the two born to an American mother and a French father. Her mother was a fashion designer who used to work for Prada and her father had his own bakery shop but now both parents took an early retirement and are traveling around the world. Macey decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and started working for Chanel. Macey was naturally attractive with warm honey eyes, beautiful, pouty lips and an attractive curvaceous body. She had nice, lean figure and though she had French blood in her, she looked like a typical American girl with mesmerizing looks. Both girls' dads knew each other from school days, hence they were best of friends which exemplifies a strong bond between the two girls. They stepped out and Macey locked the door. Isabella owned a comfortable and elegant apartment in the heart of Paris. Macey moved in with her four years ago and they have been living together since. It was a four bedroom apartment and was situated on the 5th floor of an elevator building which was built on a corner of Emile Zola Avenue. The apartment faced the two streets and the courtyard. It had white painted walls with moldings, double glazing and wooden floor. The roof of the apartment was a grand terrace which was beautifully decorated with flowers of various kinds. The terrace offered a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower and the surroundings. The girls' favorite place to hangout was their house by far.
     They took the elevator to the main floor of their apartment building. They stepped outside and Isabella took in a deep breath and smiled at the nice evening weather. Right outside the main road, both their cars were standing - Isabella's Porsche and Macey's BMW. Macey pressed the button and the doors to BMW unlocked.
     "You want to drive?" She asked Isabella as she was about to open the door of the passenger seat.
     "Pas de problème!" Macey  threw her keys at Isabella. They sat down and Isabella started the engine.
     "Fine, then I'll drive back home" Isabella made a pout and said, "But I wanted to drive back too!"
     "Don't you remember what happened six months ago? I was in the hospital for three months because of someone's careless driving."  Isabella blushed and looked at Macey with apologetic eyes.
     "You have no idea how much I still curse myself for that day." Macey smiled and said, "Aw! Baby, don't worry. It happens. But I'm still driving because you'll be drunk."
     "Hey! I'm not getting drunk. Just a little wine. After all it's Michael's big day." Isabella said as she turned the car onto the main road and they were on their way to the Style House. Style House was located in the center of Paris. It was owned by France's richest, multi-billionaire business tycoon Charles Ackland. Everytime there was a fashion show being held, Style House would be the very place to be at.
     "Je suis tellement excitée, Macey! Michael's going to be a big hit!" Isabella said. Macey smiled and nodded when her cell phone vibrated inside her purse. She took it out and read the message from Michael.
     "It's from Michael," Macey said, "If you are not here in 10 minutes, then no more morning rides and tell Isabella to drive faster!" She read it out loud to Isabella and she rolled her eyes.
     "I'm driving fast enough! We don't need another accident. And how can Michael be so hot and so..." Isabella thought of a right word for a second, "jumpy at the same time?! All he should be is hot, hot and...I guess hot." She finished as she turned in the parking lot.
     "Well, he can be sensitive sometimes. He's just so dedicated to his work. And anyway, this is his first shot and he has all these models to take care of, so he's just a little worried. And I have seen his designs. Must say, he has that New York blood in him." Both girls laughed and Macey finished sending him the reply saying that they are looking for a spot to park. Isabella found a spot near the Style house but there was another car coming from the other side. Isabella hit on the gas pedal real hard and parked her car right when the other car was about to turn. Isabella looked at Macey with a big smile on her face like she accomplished something. "Je sais que je suis bonne" She winked at Macey who opened the door to get out of the car and both girls started walking towards the Style House. It was a grand building both inside and out. It had spectacular architecture and the inside of the venue was breathtaking. As you enter there was a big, white hallway where all the guests, photographers and reporters were waiting. Across the hallways there were dark brown doors which opened to the venue of the Chanel fashion show. They walked inside the venue and they were speechless to see the magnificent view in front of them. The cavernous shadowy space was illuminated by hundreds of tiny lights twinkling reminiscent of the night sky. Juxtaposed with the miniature dancers, blindingly bright big boisterous lighting lit the polished catwalk. Sturdy rows of benches stood solidly like soldiers at attention, waiting for excited patrons to be seated and anticipate the upcoming aesthetic beauty that would bedazzle them. Bordered by blinking bulbs, Chanel stood out in all its couture glory, compelling the audience to stare into its captivating call to witness the epitome of fashion.
     "Oh, my god. I don't know what to say." Macey looked at jaw-dropped Isabella. She couldn't stop staring at the illuminated lights and the dimmed atmosphere. She wondered if she can use such venue for a wedding in the future. The guests had started walking around the room to sit down on the benches and Macey and Isabella start walking towards the VIP benches. They weren't exactly "special guests", but they were pretty close - or so Isabella thought, or else they wouldn't be sitting right at the front with a perfect view of the ramp. Macey looked around Michael. Probably with the models, she thought.
     "It's about time I get to see both of you!" Both girls turned towards the sound of the voice to see the man they were looking for. "There you are!" Macey stood up and gave him a hug. Michael gave her the smile he always does when he comes to pick her up in the morning for a ride to work. When they parted, Macey checked him out and looked at what he was wearing. A perfectly ironed black tuxedo from Calvin Klein with no wrinkles and a black and white tie perfectly tied. There was also a small rose bud in the pocket on the left. His brown hair was though spiked up like usual, to Macey it looked somewhat different. Maybe because she hasn't seen him wearing a formal suit in a long time. She couldn't help but admit how attractive he looked. Michael had green brown eyes that made Macey go weak in the knees. The way he smiled at her made her blush and she realized how cute he looked with a dimple in his right cheek. She never noticed that he had the looks of a model himself. He was tall, with muscular body and gorgeous white teeth that made every employee at work go excited. Michael was also born and raised in United States like Macey, but to become the A-list fashion designer he decided to move to the fashion city in France. He moved to Paris with a friend from high school four years ago but now that his friend moved back to Italy to his family, Michael now lives alone in an apartment.
"Wow, look at you! Dress to impress the ladies here, huh?" Macey couldn't believe her ears what she just said.
" A man got to what he got to do. Why would I be impressing other ladies when I have two irresistible women in front of me." He said as he winked at Isabella, who now stood up and practically jumped at him.
"You have no right to look that sexy, Mike! All the girls will go even more crazy for you! Gosh, you look so...rapable!" Isabella checked him out from head to toe. She came closer to him and as she was about to hug him, she whispered in his ear, "Make your move today." Michael just smiled at her and looked at Macey, who was looking at him intently with a smile on her face, but then she blushed when she noticed that he was looking back at her.
"Anyway," Macey broke the awkwardness while trying not to look into his eyes, "So who else is coming today?"
"Well, for one, I actually managed to invite Mr. Ackland. I couldn't believe when he said that he'll -"
"What! Charlie is coming?" Isabella shrieked and didn't even let Michael finish.

The End

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