He was serious

Erin's friends wave him over as he enters the cafeteria. He smiles at them and I go back to my doodling. I've finished lunch, my friends are all in lectures and I have no work to do as I'm leaving, so doodling is the thing to do.

"Right." A huge pile of papers hit the table. I jump in shock. Eyes wide as Erin jumps over the bench,to sit facing me at the table. I'm very confused. I look over to where Erin should be standing and I see frowns and the same confusion I'm feeling staring at my table. But no, Erin is in front of me not over there. I prove it to myself by turning back to him. 'See, I told you!' says my mind.

The disbelieve subsides as the happiness rises."Write what?" I smile, lifting my pen and giggling at my poor joke.

"My Uncle runs a youth hostel and this is the application form for a perminant residence. These are financial forms for people with parents overseas. This is a letter detailing all this to the college. And this is a list of all my free periods so I can help, If you want to stay that is."

The disbelieve was back. I'd only told him the briefest of annoyances with my future and he'd done this for me? My heart hit the side of my rib cage. It did it again when I added to myself that he'd done it all in one evening.

His smile fades at my lack of response. "I'm not pressuring you or anything, I'm just giving you another option" he explains unnessisarily.

Of course I want to stay my head is screaming at me with delight. 'Tell him, kiss him, scream in the dinner ladies face. Erin wants you to stay Spats! The rest of me however is finding it hard to respond again.

"Cool!" my mouth manages and I set about the papers in front of me.

After a while of casual startagem by mind catches up to his rushed statement.

"Youth hostels have perminant residence?"

He chuckles at my slowness.

The End

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