Arkward Beginnings

He spends a long time just staring at them. I hold my breath.

"Uno!" he calls and lays his last but one card down in front of me.

We are sitting in my bare living room. Entertaining the love of my life is proving hard in the barren place that some would consider my home. I realise this thought had lasted longer than expected and he is waiting for me to take my turn. With a slight smirk and a glance he looks away.

"So..." I exclaim as I put down my blue two, "Looking forward to the second year?" It's the best I can think of as I watch his pretty face deliberating over his card and frowning as he resigns himself to having to pick up another one. That little frown seems epic and as I feel my heart race I completely miss his reply. Just nodding and smiling in return. He knows I wasn't listening, I can tell. Oh Spats, how more awkward can you make this weird meeting.

"I said, how are you looking forward to Iceland? It's a bit more interesting then second year psychology."

How does he expect me to be thinking about Iceland at all? I've been consumed ever since that free period, Tuesday, with making sure my house was half way presentable, that we had the good snacks in, getting increasingly excited over the fact we were going to spend time together and making sure that I found every reference to Erin and removed it from my room as to save myself THAT embarrassment. Not that I have reams of love poems about the boy or anything just the odd wishful paragraph here and there about my abode.

I put down a blue seven.

I know this sounds immature to the untrained eye but believe me when I say even though we haven't spoken, I know Erin Hunner. I am always the friend of a friend of his and have heard so many stories and know so many people who think the world of him.

He has to pick up again, he bites he lip ever so slightly, my face gets hot.

 I better stop obsessing and answer his bloody question before he thinks I'm vacant.

"It's a bit overwhelming and I’ll be sad to leave but I don't really have a choice."

I hadn't meant to be that truthful, everyone else has had the response; 'It'll be great, I'm looking forward to it.'

Erin appears thoughtful, as if he's that caring to think on someone’s problems who he doesn't really know.

"It's not your only option, I'm sure a relative would keep you at least until you finish your A levels. It's your turn."

He obviously hasn't met my grandparents.

"No there isn't anyone who would have me." I pull out a fake smile and slap down a red seven. "Uno."

"Can I see you tomorrow? I'll have to ask but I might be able to come up with a solution if you don't want to leave. I don't want you to go if it's not your choice and I want to have the chance to get to know you better if possible, and maybe win at Uno next time."

This came as a bit of a blow to the cranium, he was not as shy as I’d painted him to be. It was also a shock for him to go out of his way to get me to stay. Could I stay? What would he come up with? Would my mom go for it? I spaced out slightly and he poked me back into reality to show me I had a winning card.

This line of conversation didn't seem to phase him at all and he sat there quite happily having shattered my comfy bubble of ignorance to my upcoming travels.

All I knew was that I knew nothing about Iceland.

The End

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