When Clay McHalt overhears the assassination of his family he reacts in a most unusual way--by living his life as was originally expected by his family as the sole heir and survivor to one of the world's most successful businesses, but with a secret. He spends his free time hunting down the people who caused the lives of his family while finding out secrets of his father's past. The world sees him as a business prodigy, but the underworld is slowly becoming fearful of him and his massacre. Will

Do we always need justification for the actions that we have made?

I question myself as I look into the eyes of the little boy that will spend a parentless life.

How does that saying go?


Adoptive parents come and go, but biological ones are forever.

Maybe, just maybe, if this kid, with those ash shaded eyes and cutthroat lashes, wasn't staring at me with such an acute case of wonderment I could move on without much thought.

Mommy dearest lies beside him, her guilty conscience is exploited on the walls near her husband.

Is it wrong to justify the deaths of my loved ones by taking the lives of the accused?

I smile down at the kid, still holding onto his teddy bear. His skin glimmers in the sunset light that invades the room through the curtained window. The streaming life fluid flows on the hardwood floor, like a Nile river, washing away with it the sins of the bodies that the river once inhabited.

"Life's tough kid."

I spin around and step lightly down the steps, no creaks betraying my escape.


The End

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