"She's lost to much blood! Here, get me something quick!" he said. I got a good look at the cut on her neck. It actually was something worthy of feinting due to blood loss. I took off my jacket, and tore off a piece. I put it against her neck, and she stirred.

"That must hurt." I said.

"Your jacket has a tear in it." she said.

"I know." I said. I stood up and started pacing. I did not want to spend eternity taking care of her. I sat down a ways away, looking for a horizon. There was no sun that I saw, just a strange light that permeated everything. It came from no where, was going no where.

I started humming. I closed my eyes against what I could not see. Words that were long forgotten, I remembered. Family, friends. I was once more care-free. My sharp edge melted. It wasn't new, and it took time to make it disappear. But I felt myself relax.

I sat down on the ground. But just as soon as it had gone, my real thoughts returned. I was once again Kendal, the hard girl. The one everyone envied because of my determination and power, but no one had understood the battle inside of me.

"You should try to walk." I told Aurora. She stood up, shakily.

"I think I'm going to pass out again..." she said. She sat down, and no sooner had she done that, she did feint.

The End

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