Come On! Man Up!

"I know nothing..." I whispered, holding my neck. 

"Well,that helps." the girl mumbled looking away. We waited for nothing in silence. 

"What about you. What's your name?" I stood up, walking over to her. 

"Why do you care?" she snorted. 

"Well, you know mine. I want yours. It's only polite." I grumbled. She shook her head and looked away.


"Good. Well, let's go." I smiled. 

"Where? We have nowhere." she replied, smug, obviously thinking she knew everything. I looked back to the man then back to her.

"We have everywhere. Now let's go." I walked in front, limping a little as we walked through the forest, both of them following behind. After a few moments of silence, the man broke it.

"Should I get you anything for your neck?" he asked, politely. They stopped.

"No, i'm fine." I smiled, trying to be tough when really I wanted to scream in pain. Kendal snorted again and I sighed. I wasn't as tough as I thought. 

Suddenly everything slowed, I started to feel dizzy and my eyes went blurry. What's happening? What's going on?! I wanted to scream as my head hit the floor. 

"She's lost too much blood! Here, get something quick!" the man shouted, suddenly right next to me.

Yeah, I'm tougher than a boxer. I could knock you dead.

The End

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