Beautiful Nightmares

I saw her today, bent over the ravaged body of another helpless victim. She raised hooded eyes to mine, gleaming with dark laughter. Slowly, deliberately, she licked the blood from dripping lips.

She is the spawn of sin. The nightmare child. She is borne of fear and hate and pain and suffering, and she revels in it. She is beautiful and terrible.

Her golden eyes are dead; her golden skin gleams with dull light. Her heart of gold doesn't beat, not with love or passion or emotion. She is inhuman, and yet she embodies everything we are. Everything I am.

She is me.

I am the nightmare child. I feed on the blood of the innocent. I am the life-taker, the blood-spiller. I am the condemner, with no saviour in sight.

I am that which I fear most. I have broken. I have turned. Now I am the nightmare. I am the fear and the hate. And I thirst for innocent blood.

Fear me.

The End

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