I finally sat up. My head felt terrible, and my throat was dry. But I stood up, surveying the area. I saw two people in the distance, one of them sitting on the ground. I started walking towards them, my steel-toed boot kicking up the dirt ground. I almost never wore boots. Mother usually had made me wear dresses and slippers. Ugh.

"Who're you?" I asked both of them. The man looked up. He was tall, and needed to look down, even though I was standing a ways away. He blinked.

"Since you seem incapable of speaking, I'll introduce myself. I'm Kendal. So, can you speak? Or do you wish to remain mute?"

"Yes, I can speak."

"Well, kindly tell me your name and if you know, what this place is." The girl that was sitting down lifted her head. I nearly snorted. She looked scared. Typical girl. Not like me.

"Aurora Woods is my name." she said.

"Maybe you're not as stupid as you look." I said. "'Least you answered. That's a compliment."

"Oh." This time I really snorted. I turned to the man.

"Locke Isengard."  he said. I shook my head.

"Whatever." I said, walking away.

"Wait!" Aurora said. I whirled around. "Don't... go. This place is... creepy."

"Whatever." I repeated, but I stood still. "Anyone know anything about this place?"

The End

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