Dead? Not Yet...Wish I Was Though


That was all I could smell. Blood, flesh, wounds. I lifted my head up, dazed and looked around the black room, my sight slightly blurry for a while. My head was wet, wetter than before when I just felt damp, and parts of my skin felt sore and bruised. 

I sat up, only to notice that I had been lying on the floor, the stool I had been sitting on smashed to pieces and smothered in blood. I wiped at my head and looked at my fingers. More blood.

Was it the man who came in and hit me? I had no idea, I must've blacked out half way through. I pushed myself up onto my feet, feeling slightly dizzy. I dragged myself along the floor, then getting to the door leant on it. 

Come on you can do this. If they hurt you again just run. You'll have enough energy, I thought to myself. 

My hand clutched the door handle, and I yanked the door open, feeling wind blow in my face. A light shined bright in my eyes, making me cover my face, after a few seconds I squinted, only to see the man who hit me and a few others. 

They seemed to be smiling, like they had just been laughing at my pain. They came towards me, objects in their hands I couldn't fully see.

"I'll do the girl first. Then Jim can second." a man said grinning. The light was too bright for me to make out what they were going to do, but it was obvious. I screamed and punched at them.

"HELP! HELP!" I yelled as they pushed me through an heavy sounding door and outside.

The sunlight hit me immediately. Everything was bright, painfully so. And hot. Hotter even that inside. My mouth went dry instantly. I struggled for breath, punching and kicking at the hands and bodies that tried to grab me. I brought my hand up to shield my eyes and tried to stop squinting. It was like I'd stepped out into an afterlife. Only there were no angels.

I looked around dizzily as something sharp was pushed into my neck, making me touch it. I made out a face, a man. He wasn't smiling, he was fighting the others. He looked in his early 30's and he seemed to be in army uniform. My sight became blurred, was it drugs? I had no idea, i'd lost conciousness before I even had enough time to scream.

The End

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