Oh Well

Oh, right. I'm really here. I'm not alive anymore, am I? I can't be, but I must be. My name is... Kendal. I think. But like my brain is being mixed around inside of my head, like a witch's brew. There are others around me, just a few. We are all in our own turmoile. Mine was too terrible to even think.

I walked forward, unsteadily. Colour flashed across my vision. I felt my head throb. I tried to speak, but my throat seemed clogged. Finally I managed to croak, "Wh-what? Who's there? Where am I?"

"I don't know..." someone else whispered. I fell, unable to control my shaking.

"Oh well." I murmured. I rested my head on the ground. It was cold and hard, whatever it was, but it was okay. I drifted off into a dream.

The End

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