It was cold. And somehow I was rather damp, though I heard no rain around me. 

I stared down at a crack of light shining at the bottom of a closed door, watching the dust motes continuously fly around and around in circles.

Why was I here? I mean, had I done something wrong? Had I hurt anyone? Actually...the last one was a possibility. 

I shook my head, wiping at my face and feeding my hand through my long dark hair; wiping it back out of my face. I sat on a stool in the dark, only staring at the door. I was very subconscious of anyone being behind me, because the room was big and square, so I shuffled my chair back so I sat in the corner next to a bordered up mouldy window. 

Why I was in Unreality? I couldn't remember whatsoever.  

But the door opened, and my thoughts on that were pushed away immediately, as I suddenly noticed that I wasn't alone any more.

The End

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