Unreality: The haven for the damned, a place of refuge for the outcasts of society. That's how it started. But once you take a leap into the deep end, you'll find it harder and harder to keep your head above the water. Until it closes over your head once and for all, and you are drowned in your own Unreality. The Unreality changes you, distorts you until you become something you don't recognize. Watch out, because all you've got are your wits and your will against your own worst nightmare.

I am my own worst nightmare.

I live in a dream world, one that I can never escape from. I am trapped here, forever. Imprisoned. A life sentence.

Locked inside my very soul.

I am the hero, and the villain. The light and the dark. The wonderful and the terrible.

Two sides of the same coin.

This is my sentence, my punishment. I brought this upon myself. I am the one who is responsible, and as much as anyone thinks they can take the blame, they can't.

This blood is on my hands.

I warn you, don't come any closer. Don't allow yourself to be sucked in. This place is like a whirlpool. It draws you in, snares you, traps you. And just when you think you can back out, you realize, you're trapped. Forever.

This is a place of temptation. It calls you in, invites you, like an old friend. It makes you want more, and more and more, until you're in so deep there's no hope of escape. I implore you, get out while you still can.

But for those of you who think you can take it, who think you can resist the temptation, then come forward. Join me, in my nightmare. I could use the company.

Welcome to my Unreality.

The End

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