Kian's world, apart from the backwards names, is fairly normal. To me, anyway. There are differences, though. But I don't really notice them much.

I breathed in happily as soon as I left his tip of a room, enjoying the fresh air from the open window in the hallway. Once I was out of there, his house was a relaxing place to be in, with it's large, open rooms and beautiful decoration. His family are rich - which I suppose is an up-side to having him as an imaginary friend.

Yawning, he followed me out of his room.

"I still don't get that thing about the new kid."

I was about to reply when our moment's peace was interrupted abruptly by a voice from downstairs.

"Naik! Your breakfast has been prepared!"

Kian looked faintly irritated.

"Yes, mother." was his reply, as he headed for the stairs.

Kian's mother and father are both powerful businesspeople, who run a huge company together. This could partly explain how well he always does at school and how annoyingly antisocial he is. It doesn't stop him from dropping the polite act with me, though. Believe me, the company's clients who have met him would never believe what a pain he actually is.

We sat around the breakfast table as usual. Well, I stood. I hate the feeling of other people walking through me in his world, and didn't want to take the risk of someone sitting where I was.

"Now Naik, your father and I have a client visiting us today, so we'd like you to be presentable as always. But it also means that you'll need to sort out that room of yours..." Oh god, I thought. Here comes the daily morning rant. Kian's father clearly knew what was starting too, but he was sitting on the sofa reading his newspaper, keeping out of it.

"You don't have to show them my room" Kian's arguments were always calm but logical, and deadly serious as he always seems to be when he's in his own world.

"Well if the situation arose, it would be a total disgrace! All those posters-"

"We had a deal."

"We also had a deal about this little imaginary friend of yours, and I still hear you every now and again, talking to yourself! Seriously, Naik, I do worry for you, and your lack of co-operation with every single psychiatrist we hire is just terrible! Really, you just have no idea what we do to ensure your future..."

"And the company's future."

"For heaven's sake! You know that's not true!" She was getting all flustered over it, but Kian calmly stood up.

"I've finished my toast." he went to take the plate into the kitchen.

"No, sit down right now! Let the servants do it, I haven't finished speaking to you."

"I need to go to school."

"Ugh, that's the other thing, how you insist on going to that poor-person's school when we offered you so many options of private tutoring, and prestigious boarding schools..."

"Well, maybe I'll consider the boarding school."

With that, he left the room.

I'll hand it to him; he knows how to win an argument.

The End

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