Nighttime is beautiful. The darkness is quiet and unsuspecting; willing to cloak us and hide our flaws.

But in the still willowy light of morning that shines in crystallized rays through the half-curtained window, there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of your face only half a pillow away from mine.

The thick amber cast that is lent to the room by early dawn turns your flesh tawny. I have to control the desire to reach out and brush my fingers over that beautiful sun soaked skin because I don’t want to wake you, sleeping so contently as you are. I just want to absorb you. The very essence of being together, being so close, being worlds away from any place we’ve ever known. It’s breathtaking.

Just across the sheets you lie, breathing slowly, heartbeat even. Your features are peaceful and soft in sleep, aside from a faint smile that flickers into them momentarily when I whisper your name.

Then your eyes flutter open, and I am struck, as always, by the penetrating irises that stare back at me, like two circles of moist viridian moss in some undiscovered rainforest. A low murmur in your throat. You are only half awake as your arm snakes under the blankets and pulls me close. The way you tuck yourself around me is like no other earthly feeling.

Having your body flush with mine, as close as your heart gently beating, I can think of no place I’d rather be. In your embrace I fade from consciousness, resuming dreams that are sweet because you wished them so, but not nearly as brilliant as my golden hued piece of ethereal reality.

The End

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