She woke with a start.

She'd had another nightmare, the scary one that she'd kept having over and over. It was perpetual, but she was far too young to recognize it. A six year old would not understand. Everything around her was like a vivid dream, and she was scared that she was still in her nightmare. Everything was glowing with a ghostly aura, and she was scared to blink for fear that her nightmares would drag her under their blanket again.

Savannah sat on her bed, unmoving, her heart threatening to burst from her chest. With every beat, she remembered the footsteps in her dream as they became more pronounced... getting nearer. Soon, whoever it was would be here. The person would be in her room, and she was frightened out of her mind. The ghostly auras faded into oblivion as she shook her head, trying to clear it.

She stared out her window. The moon still hung in the sky, and the bright silver stars had begun to wink out of existance, their burning lights being outshone by the coming sun. The morning was still a while away, and Savannah didn't want to blink, much less go back to sleep. She knew what she'd have to do in the morning. She'd have to do what she always did. Savannah would lie to her mom when asked, telling her that her dream was okay, but she couldn't remember it.

I don't want mommy to be scared, too! she thought.

Her tiny hands balled up into fists, Savannah got ready to close her eyes so that she could fight off the horrible presence she felt when she slept. She didn't want to hear the footsteps, and she didn't want to see... the thing. It was too scary, and she felt all cold when it came. She felt like everything good had died whenever it was in her nightmares.

She closed her eyes again, fighting the dreams away. It worked for a while, but then the darkness imploded, becoming more pronounced, like a shadow rather than just darkness. The nightmare came back, and so did the footsteps. The were closer now, only a few weeks away. As young and ignorant as she was, Savannah knew that something was coming. It was always chasing her in her dreams, and she always got away.

But it was catching up.

She didn't know what, but she knew that it was something really scary. She tried to writhe out of the nightmare, to get away from the thing that was chasing her. She wanted earplugs to drown out the sound of the nearing footsteps. But she couldn't move. She was stuck there in her recurring nightmare, stuck in the perpetual terror that seemed to be like a loop. She couldn't get out of it. She knew she'd be safe, but even so...

Morning felt so far...

The End

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