Batter before he pulls the switch
Warning: Slight Batterie!

He stood at the switch, the now dead cat laying beside him. Once he pulled the switch to off, the world would be pure and his mission would be complete. Batter rested his hand on the switch, suddenly hearing shuffling noises shift behind him. He turned and locked his eyes on Zacharie. His cat mask was upside down and black seemed to be stained around the eyes of the mask. Batter, among seeing his only friend like this, sighed and walked over to him. He fixed the merchant's mask and then stared. 'I have to do this, I've worked hard on this, I need to purify.' Batter wanted to say, but instead he said, "I can't purify you." The masked man hugged him tightly, shaking in fear. Batter hesitantly hugged back and gripped the back of Zacharie's heart sweater, digging his head in the crook of the other male's neck. "Everything is gone because of me."

The End

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