Unpredictable Miracle

      She twirls and dances in a field of flowers, happiness pouring from her soul. For on her mind is the love of her life, the man who fills her heart with joy and causes butterflies to flutter within her. She dances now because she is full of joy from what he did.

      He asked her to marry him.

      And she said yes.

       But he is away right now..off fighting the war. She hasn't seen him in three weeks and the last time she heard from him was seven days ago. She ignores the despairing thoughts that nag at her imagination, the thoughts of him having perished in the war.

      Instead she dances in a field of flowers under the sweet moon light, thinking of the last time she saw him...when he knelt down onto his knee and asked her if she would marry him. In his hands resting within a little onyx case was a diamond ring, hand crafted by the finest jeweler in the world, the diamonds positioned to reflect the sunlight and cause little rainbows to dance around its wearer in delight. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen..

      She slows down her dancing and spins down to the soft Earth, resting herself and gazing into the pure diamonds of her engagement ring in awe. Her heart longs for him to return home from the war, she knows he fights for their country, she understands that he fights to ensure she will always be free...but that doesn't stop her from missing him. She jolts at the sound of her phone playing his ringtone.Scrambling she pulls the phone from her pocket and flips it open
     "Hello?!" her heart beating quickly she awaits his reply
     "Hey honey!" His voice..a voice she hadn't heard in to long..
She is speechless
      "I have good news love" his voice sounds oddly close for being on the phone, but she doesn't think to hard about it.
      "Turn around" The other end clicks and she blinks in confusion, but she stands up and turns anyways.

       Standing before her is the one she loves, standing tall and proud in his uniform. Not thinking anymore she runs towards him and tackles him with a hug, tears or joy running down her cheeks
      "I've missed you!!!" she buries her face in his chest, her tears soaking into his uniform but he doesn't complain.
      Then something dawns on her, "I thought you were supposed to be over seas for 3 months..."
      He smiles and kisses her hair gently, "I was..but when I told my garrison that I was engaged to you..you won't believe this but.." A few tears of joy trickle down his cheeks as well, " My commanding officers gave me 5 months paid leave to support the wedding and us, gave me their word that if I ever need time away to be with you then let it be so, and then they gave us $5,000 cash on the spot." His voice shaking with happiness
      Surprised she looks up at him with wide eyes, "They did all this for us??"
He smiles and leans in, merely inches from her face, "They did this for us, they did it for you. Our prayers have been answered."

     She breaks down in tears right there in his arms, overwhelmed with happiness from the news. Five months wasn't alot to the average person, but it ment the world and more to her. She would be with him for every possible second of the day before he left again, whether or not the war was still raging. Five months with the one she loved was an eternity to her.

                                                                      ¥      ¥      ¥

      Five weeks passed then the wedding took place, then the honeymoon occurred. One month later she learned that she was pregnant with their child. Soon he had to return overseas but he didn't stay there long, for the war ended three weeks after he returned to his garrison. He returned home to his wife, the woman that he loved. When time came for her to have their child, he remained by her side, never leaving the room for a worthless cause. After the birth of their child she held in her arms their firstborn son.

      The remainder of this story is for your imagination to take in and grow. But know this, they lived a long and happy life, their prayers were answered and they gave forth a healthy son, who grew up and followed in his fathers footsteps.
Perhaps he will find true love just as his mother and father did, an unseperable force that brings together a man and a woman.
But we will never know, for the story is yours to tell...

The End

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