Chapter 4: CrybabyMature

Take a deep breath. It can't be water bottle guy. That's impossible. Chances of ever meeting that weirdo is one in a million.

I glanced at the hair again.

It's a guy. What if, it is him?

 I tried to causally glance a third time in a row, by circling my eyes around the group.

Epic fail.

Some of the cross country people stared to notice me. Especially, the group of girls who surrounded strawberry hair.

Relax, some cross country people might think you are a bit strange but that's all right. You can always change the way they perceive you later on in the season. Right now, the important thing is that, nine times out of ten, the guy sitting before you is not water bottle guy. There is no way water bottle guy is that popular. He's probably one of those people who will live with their moms till forty, only to sent to the nut house when his family finally realizes how crazy he is. People like that don't get girls.

 I chuckled at the thought. Lily was already sitting and looked at me.

If she heard what I was just thinking she'll probably would think that I'm the one with problems. Oh, well. Only time will tell.

I sat down next to her.  This caused the crowd of girls to cast dirty looks towards my way. Tension could be already felt in the air.  Lily turned her side to me. "Zendyra this is Atlas" she said. One of the girls coughed loudly. Lily ignored her.

Maybe it's Lily that the girls have a problem with, not me.

She points to strawberry boy. "And Atlas this is Zendyra. She's the newbie." I averted my eyes.

Don't look at me. Please don't be who I think you are.

Strawberry hair turned his face to me...


"Hi. My real name is Anthony, but people call me Atlas" he said. "Hello" I said. Atlas stared at me for a few minutes.


"Have we met before?" he said.

No. Don't recognize me.

"Nope, this is my first time ever seeing you in my whole life" I said


"Hmm... you look so familiar" he said.  "I must remind you of someo...", he cut me off halfway through my sentence, only to say with excitement. "Oh, I remember you, you were the girl who was crying at the regional championship meet!" My teammates stopped talking to see who I was.

Great. Just Great. Now everyone knows I'm a crybaby.

The End

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