Chapter 3: Part 2Mature

Mistake number one.

I thought to myself.

Calm down. She probably doesn't' expect you to be perfect. It's okay that she saw one of your faults.

 Lily grabbed my hand after she swiped in and lead me through a pair of doors. "Are you familiar with this school?" I said quickly to change the subject. "Yup, I attended this school from kindergarten so I know all about the layout. And the people..." her voice dropped when she said the people. "That's why if I seem way too friendly or energetic please know I'm not trying to be fake. I'm just genuinely happy to get to know a new face after being with the same old for" she paused to think "for ten years".

Wow, even our situation is the same or mine was.

 "It's fine" I said.

Ughh... is one word answers all I can say. I have such bad social skills. One more thing to improve this year.

We entered a the track field and about thirty people were sitting on the bleachers all chatting. I grinned.

What excellent things does this school year have in store for me. Everything is already going great! Well, excluding the slip up.

As we walked up to join my teammates, I started to get a clearer view of the cross country team. There was about seventeen boys and thirteen girls. My eyes scanned over the fellow travelers to see their individual traits , but froze when they saw....

                                                STRAWBERRY BLONDE HAIR

The End

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