Chapter 3: New Beginnings (Part 1)Mature

"By any chance are you going to join Celtic's cross country team?" "Yup!" I said to the small brunette on the bus. "Can you tell my outfit?" I said. She laughed "Yeah, it's very pink."  I looked down to my outfit for a instant. A pink fitted shirt with black track tights and pink shoes filled my view.

Today I want to be dressed in my best. Looking back, my three hour cry has left me with determination I never had before. Running has now became exciting and hopeful!

My attention switched from my thoughts to the brunette.

From our ten minute conversation I have so far figured out that we go to the same school, are the same age, and both enjoy running.  

"We are like soul mates!" she said almost reading my mind.  "Yeah" I said with a smile. "My name is Loral, but you can just call me Lily" the brunette said.  "Mine is Zendyra" I said. Lily looked at me mischievously "You know, since we have so much in common this means are destined to become friends" she said with a deep voice. I laughed at her silliness. "First lets exchange numbers" I said.  "Okay" Lily said. Our mobile devices changed owners till the bus stopped at our stop; in which then, the phones returned to their proper owners. We stepped off the bus together, but I lingered as she walked up to the new school. I smiled to myself as I looked up to the sky.

My year hasn't even started, but I made a friend.

Lily looked back at me "Come on. We're going to be late!" she said. Heeding her advice, I shuffled along up the hill with Lily and entered the building.  However,  a security stop made us wait.

I forgot this school requires IDs. Oh, no I have mine?

I opened my book bag and check the front pocket. Inside it was the ID.

Thank you late night preparations.

I swiped my ID against the machine. "Zendyra Davis. Freshmen. Student of Celtic Academy" appeared on the screen along with a picture of myself. I squinted my eyes in disbelief.

Wow... I look awful. Do I always look like this.

My head turned side to side.

I hope Lily doesn't see this.

Behind me Lily giggled.

Great, she saw.

"Relax, everyone's picture is looks horrible. They took our pictures with a computer after all. That's not even a professional camera " she said. Embarrassed, that I looked petty in front of her I nodded.

The End

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