Chapter 2: Aftermath (Part 1)Mature

I followed  the worn out grass trail to where the tents were set up. With my eyes to the ground I approached my coaches and family. A somber aura could be felt miles away. "What happened?" my main coach said.

 I don't know. I tried to give it my all. However, trying wasn't enough.

 I stood silent, while a couple of minutes passed away. Everyone under the tent spoke nothing in return too. "Tsk..." my coach said, angry at my performance and lack of words "Go warm down". He proceeded to walk away, directing his attention to the athletes who did meet up to expectations.

 I'm sorry. So sorry for all of  this.

15 minutes later after warming down I entered the car to leave the stadium. My mom, dad, brother, and sister were already buckled up. My brother and sister were quietly teasing each other, for they wanted to be playful, but nevertheless could sense the serious mood.

I know I did an awful job. Today I was supposed to advanced to the national championship. But I didn't. I ran my worst time this whole season. I know all this. But please just tell me you love and still support me. Because right now I'm dying inside. I hate myself for losing it all today. So please. Please tell me you still support me.

The car was soundless. My heart dropped further down to my feet. I looked out the window to blink back my sluggish tears.

 I guess that won't happen today. My actions went too far. I disappointed them too much.

The End

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