Chapter Five Part One


            The cleanup after that day took a large amount of time; we had to sort out all the students, Find a way to dispose of Professor Marler that didn’t involve this incident. We finally agreed to sent him to a mental asylum, one on one of the sky cities, let him be their problem. He was still alive after that incident. Barely, just because Cerihath held back, and because Enter the calm after the Maelstrom was not an offensive spell, it was a magic remover. It was the removal of his magic that had pushed him over the edge. Although in my opinion he didn’t have far to go. Then Cerihath and I spent over a week being interviewed by magi on the nature of the magic that we had used. If I didn’t know better than it I would have thought that they were afraid. It turned out they were afraid of us. We had both used magic, serious magic that had been lost about two hundred years ago with the death of the last great magi. Who had died by being turned young again, that was the strange thing, the description he said reminded me of two people I had met. They spent the whole time quizzing us on these magic’s. We told them that we had tried to find the Enter the calm after the Maelstrom spell by translating one of the known mantras for it from ancient Hirilc Camian script to Cairn. But we had to ask them what the other magic that we used were because we didn’t remember using any other great magic’s. It took them about two seconds to explain. They pointed at the black wisps still coming of me. I looked at them in a strange way. They explained that it was a high level natural magic that took lifetimes to master, the same great magi that had held Enter the calm after the Maelstrom had held it to, it was known as Ethereal Wraith. The magic that turned the user’s body to their element. It made it possible to split into parts, reconnect and so on. It even made the users life longer. As did all the great spells and mantras, like enter the calm after the Maelstrom.

            We left the room that they had been interviewing us in. More confused than when we had entered. We went our separate ways. I was met by one of the five elder magi. He was the one who was concerned with the education of the younger magi; I think it was the fourth; He was blunt and asked me to teach him the Ethereal Wraith. I said that I couldn’t, for it might upset the balance, I also said I had no idea how I had used it. He liked that. He then asked me to be a teacher in the school and continue my other job. I said yes. He then said he would have the correct books sent over. I thanked him. He started to walk away then stopped and turned round.

            “Are there any lessons that you think the students would do well learning.” I pondered it and told him I would put it into my report. He smiled and left in a puff of smoke. I sighed. Magi. So flashy. I walked home. I dint know how I was going to fit everything in. I had lessons to plan and teach, look after all the people in the hospital, learn to be a magi, Oh and look after Tori. The episode with Professor Marler must have really shaken him.




The End

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