Chapter Four Part Four

“I should kill you here and now for what you did to that student. I want to; if you look you can tell the concentration that it is taking me not to kill you here and now.” Sam looked at him, and then you could see the aura round him flex and slam Professor Marler into the wall. He turned to the class. “Those that want to repay Professor Marler for his help in the mater can come up here. If you chose so, but I nominate that Cerihath goes first. I think that you will find that it was this excuse for a human being that made many peoples lives harder I think that a few deaths may be on his tab. Like some of the students from a few years ago. The ones that Laughed when he fell into the mud. So Say thank you if you want to.” Almost the whole class stood forward. Many of them were friends of the four children that had been killed then. Cerihath stood in front of him. His eyes were so cold that you felt that you would freeze if you looked into them to long. Professor Marler was frozen with terror. He pulled all the magic he could from the room. It felt like a tornado was in the room with Cerihath in the eye of the storm. Professor Marler whimpered in a very satisfying way. Cerihath smiled.

“This is for all those that you killed to get here. And for those that would be killed if you were still alive.” Sam Realised what he was going to do just as he said that. He ran forwards, but he couldn’t get near because of the magical maelstrom. Cerihath looked towards him. He smiled.

“I won’t kill him, although havens know he deserves it. Instead I’ll do this instead.” He started to whisper in a language so old that I took me time to realise it was ancient Cairn. It started quietly, building up till it reverberated round the room, the magic from the maelstrom began to fade, all of it being drawn into the spell, in the air he drew a large circle, and he then started to put lines in one by one. Professor Marler was shaking his head. Trying to say something, noting could be heard through the magic that was filling the air in front of him. The corner of Cerihath ‘slips quirked into a smile.

“You deserve this. You deserve more than this.” He said something intelligible to Professor Marler who drew back. He then pronounces out loud “Kraz ein, Fincla egan Maelstrom.” I remembered that spell; I had tried to teach it to him in one of the lessons that I had to cover. It meant, Spell activate. Enter the calm after the Maelstrom. It was one of the lost spells, we had spent time trying to translate it to Cairn, and we had almost done it. But it had never worked before today. I guess that friends are the only motivations that are needed to find your inner self. I was a living example of that.


The End

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