Chapter Four Part Three

As Sam

I was called away from the wings lesson that I was supposed to oversee. A child had been found with numerous injuries. It was one of the children that had quit the magic class. Probably because of their old teacher. I don’t blame him. I had to leave that class. I hope to get back soon; I also hope the teacher is not exacting terrible revenge on the students. I f he is I will have to do something about it. The injuries to the body were horrific. It looked like someone had slashed at him till he was almost dead. I looked at the different cuts and saw something, it was a strange flicker was at the very base of the cuts, and the cats were uneven widths, there is no weapon alive that could do this to a person. If there is I cannot imagine a person cruel enough to use it on a twelve year old. I will have to wake up to see if he could remember who did this to him. I turned to one of the doctors who were looking after him.     

            “Call me if he wakes up and remembers who did it to him. I have my own idea of who did it.” I turned out the room, the very air shivering around me. I will get vengeance for him. And I know where to start. Right where I usually do, at the source.

            In the lecture hall

             He was still nattering on, boring us all. He just went ranting. How he would do this and that. How he would never teach us the magic that he was supposed to, just say we are all dismal failures and that that other teacher pampered you. He went into his maniacal cackling. I don’t think he even realised what it was that he was doing, he was so drunk on power. One of the younger kids who had been on the verge of leaving when Sam came asked

            “What did you do to Sam, He was nice to us.” The teacher stooped his maniacal laughter for a moment to consider this.

“I got him out of the way, in a way that he could not ignore. It was one of his precious students. One of the ones that dared to leave, saying that I was a bad teacher. If a child left any other teacher he would be destroyed, but they just nodded and let him going, saying he could come back at any time” He spat on the ground “I showed them all didn’t I, Now that little brat wont be doing anything. He is so badly hurt that he can’t even move.”

“Now I think that is enough Professor Marler. Don’t you think?” It was a voice from the doorway. In the frame, leaning against it feigning nonchalance was Sam.

“You dare you little piece of trash. I can wipe you out with my little finger if I wanted to.” He lapsed back into his maniacal laughter. Sam stared at him, H e stopped laughing.

“Why aren’t you dead yet?” He pushed his palm towards Sam. I saw one of the students drop to the floor. He looked towards the student that had collapsed. It was Cerihath. If Professor Marler had not meant that to happen he didn’t show it. He was about to start talking when Sam stepped in.

“You can take away the shields now Cerihath.” He did so and a shimmer appeared around Sam “I have my own ways to protect myself.” Professor Marler stood himself back up and made as if to attack him again. He never got the chance. Sam was standing behind Professor Marler; He whispered something into his ear. Professor Marler made as if to say something. Sam cut him of. A black aura was forming round Sam You could literally se it forming in little black wisps from his skin and clothes.

The End

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