Chapter Four, Part Two

We went back to learning wings after a few uneventful lessons where the new guy covered us. The normal teacher was ill, and, although this guy is a brilliant teacher. He was unable to demonstrate it to us. But the lessons were fun. He looked at the cover sheet, took two seconds to read it then threw it in the bin. One of the more adventurous of us went to look at it and said it was all, sit down and copy out this and that. He gave us print offs that were in a font that mimicked our handwriting. I don’t know how he did it but it was handy. He then spent the whole time teaching us to play a game that he had played up on level five ii the sky city. It was a bit like volleyball, but different. It was even more different because he only allowed us to use magic at certain times, and when doing certain things. I think that he didn’t just make it up but had seen others do it or even done it himself. When the teacher came back we had a surprise for him. He didn’t know that we could do that, he thought that we had all done boring work all the time. We could tell that he had meant it to be like that because he came in with a sickly sweet voice and said “so did you have fun little kiddies.” We hated him after that. Revenge will be forthcoming.

            We learnt more about wings that week, all theory; none of us was allowed to put it to practice. He gave us some stupid excuse about all needing to work at the same speed. Sam, The new guy. He had to hide his laughter when the teacher said this, by the look that the teacher gave him I could tell that there was more between these two than just knowing each then, the wings teacher hated Sam. I hope that he gets replaced. Any new teacher would be a good thing after this guy. He vanished again for another week, I could tell that Sam enjoyed taking the class for him; he just didn’t like what he had to do with us. After this had gone on for weeks, us practicing things that we were not supposed to know with him he went to one of the people in charge and asked  if he could take the wings lesson as the teacher was absent for most weeks just giving written work not even related to the topic. He was given the go ahead and taught us all the necessary things for the build up of magic and all the theory behind wings, he even gave us part of the spell and transmutation circle and told us to translate and improve. After a meeting with the boss man he was permanently put under that position along with his liaison job. For some reason after that he bought in a different coloured briefcase. He really has turned us all on our heads to get this working better; no one had done that for us before, ever. And as two or so days went by he stopped being Mr Tearcher guy to us and just Sam. Some of us still called him that. Old habits die hard I guess. Some just don’t know when a teacher is a good guy or a bad guy. We even got a visit from some very important people. We had to revert to calling him sir and so on but it was worth it. We were told that none before us had achieved our level of competence with wings before, other than some that had private tuition. That made us happy. The problem as that we knew that we would not be able to have Sam as our teacher for the actual magic of wings as he was not able to use it due to either no teaching or no magical power. If we have to go back to the teacher that left every other day then we would never manage it as it takes a full day of no breaks or it is impossible to learn it. That would be the one bad thing to come of it.  He would probably exact revenge on us for getting a new teacher although it was not our fault. I hope that Sam is there to stop him. I would not want to be on the wrong end of his wrath.

            But he wasn’t. We had to sit through a whole day of lectures from him about theory of wings. It was so boring, he even magically attacked some of the people in the front told him that they had already learned it. Even thought they proved it. I hope tomorrow is better. And I hope Sam is there. The teacher boasted that he had got him out of the way somehow. I hope it isn’t too bad for Sam. That teacher is known to have a mean streak.

The End

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