Chapter Four, Part One

It was another normal day. We had lessons. We got bored. The teacher stared at us. And we stared back. The new teacher person made notes. We stared at him, remembered what he had said last time, and got back to work. It was an uneventful day at the least.  At least we got to do some new things in spelling class. And I mean proper magic. Not just lift this, slowly change this. And so on.

            At last we learnt why the second form of power is called wings. Every mage only had a certain amount of power that they can use for a day, no matter how powerful they are. Even those with immense magical power can only use it for a few hours at most. So they developed wings, it is an amplification magic that boosts your power as long as you can hold it. There are many types of wings, we learned the most basic and weak of them all, Crimson wings, and it still took us a whole day to work out just the theory. They had to reschedule the day just to get us to learn it. It is the most important thing we learn, they said, we didn’t believe them. They just needed us to learn this so that they had something to bribe us with at a later date. We may just be children but we are not stupid. It was fun anyway, the new guy is gone from the class though, I don’t know why, and perhaps it is a matter of national security. We don’t think that he is a new teacher or even a liaison officer; we think that he is a government agent who needs a cover story.  Cerihath said it wasn’t true. Most of us believed hi as he is close to the new guy. Don’t know why, maybe they talk about life before here, they are the only ones that we have ever know that don’t come from ground zero I the first place. It gives them some mystery.

The End

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