Chapter Three, Part Three

Life went on like that, day after day, one day I would visit the school, randomly of course. The next day I would be at the hospital, the first week or so I was there I pointed out the things that they were doing wrong in the mental ward. The one place that I am familiar with. We had fun; I learned some of the student’s names. They knew me; they also knew not to cross me. I only got mad once, but that was all that was needed. The only student that actually talked to me like I was a real human was Cerihath, my driver and guide for the first day that I was here on ground zero. He was a tallish boy, Flame red hair which he tells me he does not dye, I don’t believe him. He had a strange life. Like all of them he was found among the rich people that live here. He had to deal with the death of both his parents; the worse part of it is that he was the one that did it. They found him that very same day. He blew up the house so it was kind of noticeable. Then the pain of his release was bad. The more power you have the worse it is. He was almost crippled, they had to put him in statis to stop them getting to him. They only gave up after five weeks, the process left him with some severe problems, some of which I am trying to help him get over.

We had a problem; Cerihath had run out of a class on the day I was at the mental ward at the hospital. He wasn’t the best navigator of the town, or even the school so they thought that he would be easy to find. He wasn’t. I found him in the end; he was on the glass walkways on the third floor. Staring into the sky. I asked him what it was that he had come here to do, and why he had run out of class. He only answered one of the questions.

“I came to watch the birds. They are so free, in the sky that is where I wish I could be.” When we got back to the school I told them that he had had a mental lapse due to overwhelming memory of his parents. He looked at me in a strange way; I just told him “it’s true. The truth is one part of the reality we live in, in some part that fit may have been caused by memory of your parents. They just don’t know the full story.

The End

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