Chapter Three, Part Two

I did as the friendlily Teacher suggested, Strange that, you still remember things that you should do, like what a teacher tells you. I was lucky I ducked. Two pencils, one pen and a cardboard elephant came my way. I caught the cardboard elephant. Shame to waste things like that. I sat down at the desk that was set aside for me. After checking it for things like glue tacks and so on. After removing such things I sat down. They looked at me as if expecting a speech. After I said nothing, just unpack the briefcase discontented mutterings spread around the class. “Are you expecting a speech or something? Because I am not going to give one. I am the new.” I paused to look at my notes “Liaison officer.” They had changed the job title after our meeting. “And that is all I have to say to you for now. Other than hope this is interesting, or I am going to spend most of the day just sitting here, perhaps dying of boredom.” I got a laugh for that, perhaps this bunch is not so bad after all.

It was a normal school day for the first half of the morning. Math, English. All the boring stuff. The lessons on the second half of the timetable were a bit different. Differentiation, weight lifting. Spelling class. It was all a bit strange. They enjoyed it though. Differentiation is just the different types of magic. Everyone has two magic’s. Living and Wings. Living magic is the things that occur naturally in the world. The students only get one choice in this though, so a great deal of time is spent on this. Wings though are different. I don’t get why it is called wings. It is all transmutation circles and stuff. They draw them all with blue light that they emit. It’s a strange thing to watch children half your age force blocks of wood around. That was all they did. Use their natural magic to force wood to move. Weight lifting was a bit different. They had to lift each other. Both had to work together to do this as they kept trying to drop each other and had to hold themselves up. Spelling class was the strangest of all they copied and memorised spells from giant tomes that looked centuries old, I then saw that what I had mistaken for old leather was in fact rather crumpled brown paper. They even had to learn the language. Although when I saw the writing realised that certain words were kept from them. Probably till they were older I thought.

The End

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