Chapter Three, Part One


I wake up and don’t know where I am, and then it comes flooding back to me. I am on ground zero, what I have formerly known as level two. In a house that looks like it is for a king. I get up and stumble into the kitchen, the only other part of the house I know. It is a big place. Nice and clean, if I didn’t know better than I might think it must be new. It is just clean. I make myself a sandwich and pick up the letter on my table. It said. “Not to be opened till first day of work.” I open it. There is a second note. “I mean it this it’s not a joke” I open the next envelope. “It is a thin sheet of what looks like wood, I realise that it is paper, we may have many things up on level two, but this is not one of them. It tells me in concise instructions where to go, when to do it, and even what colour briefcase to bring, I later realise it is because there is a selection of them in one of the cupboards and each has specific items in. But it still appears to be too controlling. That is something that I am going to have to get used to.

I arrive at the school. It is a cheerful place, many children playing. It still creep’s me out a bit, because they are all playing the games, without touching the ball. At times like this the saying comes back to me. Look mommy, no hands! I stifled a grin and walked in, following the handy arrows that said Staff room, on the sign posts.  I remember thinking that I know that this is a special school but they can t be that thick. I later found out that it was because the complex was so big, I really must stop trusting first opinions. I arrive at the staff room; it is like all other staff rooms in the world. Nice, smallish, and with a coffee machine. I am greeted by the other teachers. They say welcome, do all the things teachers do like tell you of bad stents and so on. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I must wait for the bell and supervise the lessons. There is only one class, so I have the whole day to look after just one class. This may be even easier than I thought. But the words they said to me as I left stuck in my head. “Make sure to duck when you first enter the classroom.”

The End

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