Chapter Two Part Six

There was a child of about twelve standing by a strange contraption that looked quite like a rickshaw that ran itself, the child smiled at my confusion.

“New around here are ya” his accent was heavy, like if he had came from somewhere else.

“The new ones always wonder what it is these things are. He pated the contraption.

“It’s a car, one of those new things that production magi made. Handy things to have as they get you round much faster. Matter of fact this technology was what brought you up here. Well, that and a bit of portal tech. You’ll understand more once you’ve hung around here for long enough. And if you’re wondering. You can go back; if you can fly a couple of thousand feet straight up, this isn’t level two. This is level six, they just never tell you. Level two and one are the prison levels, saves us from people who try to climb up to us.

“So let me get this straight, everything that those on the lower levels know is false. Am I right?

“Almost, ya see that only those that are not so nosey as to be looking about for the next level don’t know it all. There are plenty of people up there that know that the next level up is a prison level. And they can’t say or there will be awkward questions, So far only one guy has managed to find out where this place is. But enough with the questions, I’m to take you to see the boss man. And ya don’t want to keep him waiting.”

We arrived at the “boss mans place” as my guide calls it. It amuses me that this place has layers to. Three to be exact. The top one is just cover for those that look down and wonder why there is a city where there should be a prison. But it’s not even a proper floor, its just a one-way hologram with service decks. All mad of glass so that we can see the shy. And how amazing it is. I realist that the life before was so restricted, all I had was a job and a computer, Here I have all that and I get the sky, the wind, the rain, the view and the land to honour it all, truly this is the best thing that could happen.  Nature is the only true reward on needs.

“So we went to see the boss man, he truly was the boss.  He was Gratheateion, First of the elder magi, and so much different than I expected, he was a kind old man, nice. He even spent time explaining to e the city and what I would be doing. I would be looking after the students; also I would be working with the hospital of upcoming Magi. I was basically a liaison officer. No wonder the driver was so friendly. It must be in his interest to be friendly with their liaison officer, and even Gratheateion admitted it; that was what I was, I helped them, looked after their health and made any changes I thought they needed, I could even dish out punishments, although I told myself that I would try not to do that. I was then taken on a tour of the hospital, although my guide’s normally cocky attitude was gone, this place seemed to subdue him. We went through about twenty levels on the first floor of the hospital; all of it was just recovery rooms. The second floor was different, split into three wings. It was the magical accidents ward, the physical injury ward, the mental ward, a place that I was familiar with, it felt like home. The memory of that night that sparked this all of came to mind, I realised that that may not be such a good thing.  We then went to the final ward. My guide didn’t like this place. It was the growth and unsealing ward. Where they released the persons magical talent and the things that came with it. Disease and physical injury. I could tell this place held bad memories so we left. Some thing abut that place sparked a memory. Perhaps I will work it out later. My guide took me to my lodgings, a grand place I will explore it in the morning



The End

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