Capter TwoPart Five

I packed my bag with all the things I would need, carefully reading the list that was on the back side of the letter, there were so many things I would not be allowed to bring. But they were a price to pay. So I packed up. I left my room to the next inhabitant. Just as it had been left for me. I picked up the only thing of mine left in this place. I t was an icon of me and the children; it even included their guardian in one of the rarer moments when he smiled. This one was painted for me by one of the children, where he got the paints I don’t know. I will miss him as he is the only child I know by name down there. He just knows me as grandpa, I know him as scamp, or in the moments that he had been good, Tori, He is a nice kid, I will miss him.

I arrived at the terminal for up station four, five minutes left to go. I always like to be punctual. And I met some people I had resigned myself to never seeing. It was Tori and the guardian. He never said he had a name, and if he does than, he has never told anybody. It was a fond farewell; I just hope that he remembers me. After that they left. Tori chatting to the man. As they leave he calls over his shoulder

“Have fun up on level two. And just remember, even if it is paradise, there will always be sakes by the apple tree. And call me SShandow, all this guardian stuff is hard to pronounce. Bye” and he turned and left. Whistling as he went. I saw him later. But that may be hard to explain. I will get on to it later.

I climbed in to the booth. It looked, on first inspection to be like the others, drab a grey with nothing but a chair. But when I inserted the pass card it flashed up Samuel Lawrence Chandler. Assistant to the head of the hospital of upcoming Magi.  That was new. So it knew me and what my job would be.  I hope it was a nice place as these things to ten minutes to climb from one floor to another. I settled in for a long wait. It was not as long as I had expected. In less than a minute I stepped out of that rather small both to the place I had always dreamed of. It was all white and gold, very calm looking. But then I noticed the sign. This Is Arrival terminal Number Five. Would Samuel Lawrence Chandler. Assistant to the head of the hospital of upcoming Magi Come to the exit, your escort has arrived. I fallowed the flashing light to a door that looked like it had come straight from a star treck movie. I loved those things, I collected them, and old as they were they still looked good on screen. The door was massive and round with a giant handle on it. I then realise that that it said airlock 29, highway to hell. I went to the small but still elegant door that signified the exit to Arrival terminal Five. The sight that met me I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a soaring cityscape, all white and black, perfectly made to fit in with the maximum in space and comfort. And remember it I shall.

The End

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