Chapter Two Part Four

The weeks went by and Sam’s luck seemed to be changing. He got a better house and more time to himself. He even got to learn new things by watching doctors from level two, a rare occurrence that not many got to witness who lived below the second level. Seeing the change that his bosses had mad he started to set up contingency plans for if he was sent to the second level.

The day had come, he had wanted this since he had found out that if you worked the best a certain places than you could climb up to the second level. He had got a gold slip through the letterbox. As normal the post man was the first to offer his congratulations, as the saying goes, if the postman greets you there good news about. This was obvious good news. It was a gold envelope. It had official looking spiky handwriting that I think all scribes have. It didn’t have much in the way of formalities, just a printed of letter with my name in some writing near the bottom. It said “enclosed in this letter is a pass for the Up shuttle in building down on the fourth level, go there and put it in at around the time of one. Do this and your way ahead is guaranteed. Fail to do so and you shall never go up anymore. Yours, Garrenten, third of the elder magi. I was stunned; I had just got a letter from one of the five elder magi. I hope that this signifies some good things in the future. But I was sad to leave those children down in the warehouse. I had helped them, not much more, but somehow I felt bad for leaving them. I just hope they don’t think that I have left them. They would live with it, just as I had, I just hope that none of them took to drinking; they are not of age, so it would be a violation of the rules anyway. I just hope they know that. My musings were interrupted by the thud of something dropping to the ground. It was a key card for the Up tubes that crisscrossed the sky city. I had one already, it must be the ticket I guessed, and I hope that I will be able to come down again. I really loved these places; it will be soothing to see the upper Flores, but the upper floors may just make me home sick for down here.

The End

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