Chapter Two, Part Three

I woke up there,  I must have gone to sleep when I saw the place, I was tired so I sat down to collect my breath but I think I drifted off, I woke to two very serious looking children shaking me gently. They were nice, but still seemed cold to me, not really saying anything. But they were nice, they grew friendlier after I told them I had semi-permanent lodgings on the level above, gangs didn’t take people other than those that were living on this floor. I wondered why no-one wanted to live here, it was a nice place, quiet and not as loud as those layers above filled with smoke and noise, this place was clam, and smoke free. Probably to protect the food I realised. The nice picture I had painted of this place was shattered like the silence by men bursting in, screaming battle cries and challenges to fights. They had rounded us up in moments, like the professionals I had come to realise they were one of them was laughing as they did this.

“So this is the most feared gang that this floor has come to respect, a bunch of children and an old man” I had come to realise that they were talking about me.

“No” a whisper came from beside my ear “they are not a gang. I am the one that owns this place and I am the one that helped these people, knowing or not.” A man of around 26 walked by, his long coat flapping in a wind that did not exist. He smiled to those men. A piranha of a smile that promised only pain in the future.

“Your new around here aren’t you. The others, they know what happens to those that hurt the children.”

“We are not...”The man ended up chocking on the floor with the man standing behind him, a sword in his hand. A sword that I had not seen him draw. Or for that matter, even have on his person. He pulled out a cloth and wiped the mans blood of his sword. The gang gasped at him. He gave them that piranha of a smile and jumped up, it looked more than 6ft that he flew up, he was laughing to them, his eyes when I saw them froze my heart, and they were silver, so deep that they almost saw everything. Then he landed. He was a whirlwind, a shadow among me, whipping round and round, sending them to the place where they would never come back, he landed again about two seconds after he had first came down, and all that were left were the bodies of those twelve me that tried to take control of the lives of all these people, and on that day I found the thing I had been looking for. After that the man just went round the children, consoling those that had been distressed by the scene. Some of the children just dragged the bodies away.

I went back to work that day. I was on time, well turned out, with a will to work, live and most importantly help. My bosses saw this and they asked what had happened to me in the time that I had been gone and, more importantly to them, what had snapped me out of it. So I told them, as much as I was safe to say. I told them the kill order had made me realise that not all that mattered was life; you must help those that need it. That the revelation had sent me on a downward spiral and that what had snapped me out was the sight of one that had nothing to give in material wealth still gave his heart and his life to help those that were in need. They smiled as if to laugh at mu naivety. But they left me alone. Back in their good graces, on the fast track straight up. But something changed in me, in Sam that day. I went to help those children. I was, and still am a doctor it is my duty to help. That is what that man has taught me. And for that I thank him. And yet I still have a bad feeling about them. But that can change. And I for one shall do everything I can to help them. Although when I was their I have the strange feeling that they are all different. He looks after many children in that warehouse, but there is one bunch that he is even more protective of, the bunch that was taken that first day, they all seem to be ill more, hurt more and healed more. That is a mystery that I can solve later.

The End

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