Chapter Two, Part Two

He continued to wander, never going to far, just hoping that he would someday see something that would put him back on track to the top, to find something to motivate him along. He found it, it was a few days after the revelation that he had had that, to find amazing things, one must go so low that help is like a beacon among the pillars of shadows that control the world. He wandered among the warehouses that held the stores from the city that arrived from groundside, the prison that the world had become, all the bad people were down there, all of them that didn’t have magic that was, they were sent to places like the hospital he worked at, for those to insane to properly control the power. He walked in-between the wooden behemoths that kept the world above still supplied with what they wanted. No-one ever stole from them, for the price was downside, the place that no-one ever wanted to go, as was the price they paid for freedom, the control of the elder five, the main council that decided how to keep us pure, alive, and most importantly well fed. They went to those places that most would never go and pulled us up. They were the first people to let those with magic’s stay and learn them. But even that had a price, they were to stay in the top two floors of the sky cities, the payment, for the power that others would kill to get, and would kill with when they got.

It was in one of the main warehouses, one of the few places where people were allowed to live and stay, and it was in the most desirable place for the people of this level, and all of them next to the main conduit, the supply of heat for the whole city, keeping them warm enough to keep them alive on just the overspill. And yet all of them were children. Gangs control this area, everyone that lives on this level must pay, and all the best places were taken by gangs and no-one was anywhere near rich. And yet these children were, they were warm and happy, alone in a sea of boxes.

The End

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