Chapter One, Part Five

And thus it went on, the child, for that was what he was mentally, and in appearance, for although he had been alive for over twenty years, he still looked like he was in his middle teens, and although his knowledge increased as well, talking was still taking time. And it went on like this for over a year, he learned, the doctor taught, but Sam still thought about the initial scans, although he thought at the same level as many other humans, those scans  still haunted him. And now they grew apart, day by day, still friends, but he now knew what it was the doctor (as he called Sam) would never let him out, not for anything, so one day he left, when the doctor was not there, just in a black suit, all he took was a knife and a block of firewood, he left noting but memories and sadness. A shadow among the living.


Six years go by, there has been no search, for subject 27 does not exist in the data world, he is no-one even Sam had forgotten that he had even existed.

The End

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